16 of My Favorite Mocktails and Cocktails For Spring.
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March 17, 2022

16 of My Favorite Mocktails and Cocktails For Spring.

My favorite spring cocktails and mocktails are filled with aperol spritzes, kombucha smashes, grapefruit margaritas and more. Perfect way to wind down just as the weather gets warm and springy.

It’s almost officially spring!

I mean, spring is definitely in the air over here.

We get one small tastes of it and I am here for all the warm weather beverages. Last year at this time I was pregnant with Jordan and could only enjoy some mocktails on the patio. This year, I’m going to bring you both cocktails and mocktails all summer long!

There is just nothing like when the weather first warms up and drags you out of the winter gloom. Since thing are ever-so-slighty looking up, there is a great reason to enjoy a cocktail (or mocktail) on the patio in the lovely spring weather. The days are longer, spring is so close we can taste it and it’s the perfect reason to make a fun drink. I’m very partial to a spritz these days or even a smash with some fresh fruit. Something very light and refreshing and simple.

There are a few of my favorite mocktails sprinkled in here, along with some of the best spring cocktails I’ve made over the years. They are so delish! Which one is calling your name?

16 Spring Cocktails and Mocktails


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