18 Recipes For Saint Patrick’s Day.
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March 10, 2022

18 Recipes For Saint Patrick’s Day.

These are the best of the best St Patrick’s Day recipes from soda bread with honey butter to guinness pot pie and dark chocolate stout cake! Lots of my favorites here to give you a way to make March 17th extra fun and special.

I’ve got lots of fun St Patrick’sDay recipes for you today!

18 st patrick's day recipes

Even though my family is Irish, we never really celebrated St Patrick’s Day with a special meal when I was growing up. It wasn’t until I started developing recipes consistently that I made something “special” every March – and then when the kids came along, I really started to celebrate the day. It’s so fun to celebrate any micro holiday with them and they love it!

This year I’m considering going as far as dying the milk green and leaving some leprechaun footprints around the house.

Below you’ll find lots of my favorite snack, dinner and dessert ideas for March 17th! I love making something festive for dinner and maybe a treat that is extra fun. The kids love it too! It’s a little sliver of joy in the month of March.

Are you going to make anything? Irish cream tiramisu my guinness short ribs are on the list!

18 St Patrick’s Day Recipes

Milk Chocolate Soda Bread with Salted Honey Butter (more…)

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