30 Of My Favorite Seafood Recipes For Lent!
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February 24, 2022

30 Of My Favorite Seafood Recipes For Lent!

30 incredible seafood recipes that are perfect for the lenten season. These lent recipes include salmon, shrimp, fish sandwiches, tacos, pizza, chowder, grits and more!

Today I’m sharing a bunch of my favorite seafood recipes for lent!

30 recipes for the lenten season

I’ve compiled some of my favorite seafood dishes here for those of you who observe the lenten season.

While these days, I almost always will opt for a meatless meal itself over fish specifically, I have to say that man oh man and I looking forward to a great fish sandwich next weekend. The past few years we haven’t been able to get some of our favorites. We are really looking forward to that this year!

In case you are cooking at home on Fridays, here are a ton of my favorites – the best of the best.

This list is fairly salmon and shrimp heavy because those are the most frequent forms of seafood that we eat. However, many of the dishes can also be prepared with a white fish like cod or even halibut. Love them all!

And if you’d simply prefer a meatless dish, here are some of my favorites.

30 Lent Recipes


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