30 Recipes For Kentucky Derby Weekend!
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April 28, 2022

30 Recipes For Kentucky Derby Weekend!

We love watching the kentucky derby every May! Sharing tons of my favorite recipes for kentucky derby weekend below, so break out the hats and pimento cheese and have a little get together!

I’m so excited to share a bunch of my favorite Kentucky Derby recipes in anticipation of the race next weekend!

30 recipes for the kentucky derby

We love watching The Kentucky Derby and if you’ve been reading forever, then you know Eddie is a huge fan. It might just be his favorite day of the entire year.

I love that we can make a few fun snacks at home and enjoy them for the entire minute or so when the race happens. Ha! No, but really, it’s a fun little micro-holiday (as I like to call them) that we get weirdly excited for and enjoy.

And! If you have a copy of The Pretty Dish, then you know that I have a full derby day menu in there! Super fun with lots of snacks. I have lots of recipes here on the blog too, so I wanted to share in case you’re partaking in the celebration next Saturday, May 7.

30 Recipes for Kentucky Derby Weekend!


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