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A Week In The Life, Vol 45.

#A Week In The Life, Vol 45.

We’ve had such a full week!

Starting with Halloween and ending with this baby girl’s birthday!

Oh Monday I went into school for the kids’ Halloween parties. They were off on Tuesday for conferences!

Very excited for snow white.

Ran in and got Max a haircut. Why does he look 15!

Cutest boy.

We carved pumpkins.

Emilia designed hers and Max did the Mets… something.

I want to take a bite out of this cookie!

Trick or treating fun.

Cute enough to eat.

Woke up Wednesday to SNOW, which couldn’t have been more perfect. You know on Nov 1st, I am in full christmas mode.

My mom and I had a show to go to this week!

We saw The Wiz.

I had never seen the movie but the dancing, costumes, voices were so incredible! We loved it.

Jordan loves to stand on a kitchen stool and eat snacks.

Yay for apple season.

Emilia’s birthday was yesterday, so she got to celebrate at school on Friday!

She picked this hot pink velvet dress to wear. I love her!

After school, we went bowling with friends for her birthday.


I started on a mermaid-ish balloon garland – it was not my favorite. And I love making them!

She woke up bright and early and threw on her leopard print before coming downstairs.

The sunrise was in full force for her.

Happiest, sweetest girl alive.

We had a very chill day at home – we’re having a party for her this upcoming Friday so it was nice to have a fun day at home.

Eddie blew up over 100 balloons and put them in her room for when she woke up.

They have been the highlight of the weekend.

Max had a flag football game!

We made a good old fashioned rainbow chip cake so we could sing.

She is our best sparkly girl. I couldn’t find my candles (thanks, moving) but this twisted gold taper candle was perfect and looked like a unicorn horn.

And now we’re into a new week! My birthday is this week. I’m totally putting the tree up!

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