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A Week In The Life, Vol 6.

#A Week In The Life, Vol 6.

We’re into February!!

We had a busy but lovely regular old week here.

Warm enough for some park play!

House salad constantly.

The kids had decade day at school!

My 50s girl.

And 90s boy!

We’re still in the middle of basketball!

Ugh I tried to cut Jordan’s hair and really butchered it.

TJs run!

He loves cereal with milk and berries for breakfast.

It was catholic schools week so we had open house!

Cutest siblings. Unintentionally matching.

I’m still in my sourdough era!!

Kids had a half day on Friday so we went and had fun.

My all time fave game.

He got soooo many tickets.

And this is all she wanted.

We had a hockey weekend!

BFFs playing.

We go through a ridic amount of snacks.

My adorable first baby!

Jordan is still very into cheers-ing.

I made sourdough pizza.

This crust was so light and bubbly!

Our favorite morning cuddles.

And I made sourdough english muffins too! Woohoo.

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