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All4Labels launches new subsidiary Integritag for brand protection and supply chain optimization

#All4Labels launches new subsidiary Integritag for brand protection and supply chain optimization

19 Jan 2024 — All4Labels Global Packaging Group has launched a new subsidiary company Integritag, expanding the label manufacturer’s technological footprint and driving the “fourth industrial revolution” and a high-tech future for labeling. The new company’s portfolio offers fully integrated advanced solutions that optimize supply chain efficiencies, protect brands, safeguard identities and enhance consumer engagement.

The Integritag entity is based in Milan, Italy, and has managed all of the security and intelligent label solutions since November 2023. The international label manufacturer says it is a strategic investment to increase the group’s competitiveness within the smart solutions space.

Paloma Alonso, All4Labels’ CEO, says: “Our R&D teams are in the process of commercializing various solutions for a broad range of industries. Our anticipated sustainable RFID antenna will revolutionize the RFID market by enabling fully recyclable labels using laser-cut technology.”

The new entity brings together successful track records in manufacturing secure label solutions. This includes RFID (through Rako Secure), holographic security labeling (the Hologram Company) and All4Labels’ latest acquisition in high-security labeling: Centro Grafico.

The technology enables customers to overcome challenges in their industrial segment and provides solutions that boost their success and competitiveness, explains All4Labels.

Warehouse with packages. Integritag helps companies to develop supply chain efficiencies.Boosting supply chain efficiencies
The Integritag portfolio offers governments and brands high-level security, authenticity and environmental sustainability. Its advanced security solutions ensure consumer and citizen safety and legitimacy.

Integritag also helps companies to develop supply chain efficiencies, leveraging eRFID/RFID products for real-time process visibility, fewer errors, less waste and improved overall operational efficiency while meeting sustainability goals.

Jan-Niclas Bizot, managing director at Integritag, says that the company has concentrated its technology division and empowered its manufacturing site near Milan to ensure the highest security standards. 

“We are pleased to further expand our global reach, leveraging the many possibilities of the All4Labels group and enhancing our intelligent solutions portfolio under the Integritag brand. It will offer our customers real added value.”

Integritag’s comprehensive smart solutions overcome product fraud and security challenges, while redefining supply chain efficiency. It integrates seamlessly into brand-owners’ products or packaging, highlights the company.

Benefits include real-time tracking from production through to consumers’ hands, protection against gray market activities and safeguarding of brand revenues. The wide array of products on offer encompasses smart labels (including eRFID), holographic security products, QR Fingerprint, EAS, SaaS & Data Analytics and embossing base foils.

By Natalie Schwertheim

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