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APC Packaging rolls out airless skin care pump by eliminating metal springs

#APC Packaging rolls out airless skin care pump by eliminating metal springs

EAPP EcoReady All Plastic Airless Pump
(All image credits: APC Packaging).

14 Mar 2024 — APC Packaging introduces its EAPP EcoReady All Plastic Airless Pump for skin care packaging, engineered with airless technology and crafted entirely from durable PP, eliminating the need for a traditional metal spring.

The plastic pump offers “accurate and consistent” dispensing while preserving the integrity of skin care formulations. The use of durable plastic ensures the longevity of the packaging.

Eliminating the traditional metal spring and only using plastic was a design choice made to “enhance the overall user experience” while reducing the environmental impact of the packaging.

“PP and PE components are used to create the airless functionality. There is no metal used in the design,” Erin Gallagher, director of marketing, tells Packaging Insights.

“PCR can be incorporated into the bottle and cap up to 50%.”

“This design represents a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, offering our clients and consumers a premium skin care experience,” comments Rick Ponte, vice president of Project Engineering at APC Packaging.

APC beauty solutions
The airless pump launch builds on previous skin care pump solutions crafted by APC Packaging, which include options featuring sleek twist-to-release mechanisms.


APC Packaging’s overall portfolio of cosmetic packaging includes a refillable double-walled glass jar for premium beauty brands. The jar’s disk is made from PE, while the inner jar and cap are customizable PP that can incorporate PCR.

Robert Bulla, director of engineering and innovation at APC Packaging, previously spoke to Packaging Insights about balancing multiple considerations when selecting materials for beauty and personal care packaging — from the look and feel of a product to sustainability.

By Benjamin Ferrer

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