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Appetite Creative equips cultured milk brand Goodday with connected packaging tech

#Appetite Creative equips cultured milk brand Goodday with connected packaging tech

05 Feb 2024 — Appetite Creative is partnering with Goodday, a cultured milk drink owned by Asahi Beverages Philippines and distributed by Universal Robina Corporation in the Philippines, to build an interactive, connected packaging experience.

The web app tracks real-time interaction, such as buying habits, product preferences, average engagement time, location, scan rate, number of visitors, return visitors and social media shares, including General Data Protection Regulation-compliant personal data to enable the brand to optimize its marketing and better understand consumers.

“Without the need to download any complex app, users simply open their phone cameras and scan the QR code on Goodday drink packaging, the app provides instant prizes for participants. The prizes include an opportunity to win an all-expense-paid trip to Japan, GCash credits, Nintendo Switch Lite and Goodday gift packs,” Jenny Stanley, managing director at Appetite Creative, tells Packaging Insights.

Trial success expected
Stanley highlights that connected packaging is gaining popularity in Asia. “The Philippines, in particular, is witnessing a growing interest in such innovative campaigns. Goodday’s partnership with Appetite Creative exemplifies the brand’s commitment to engaging consumers through creative and interactive means, aligning with the broader trend of connected packaging adoption in the region.”

Cultured milk bottles and smart phone.The web app tracks real-time interaction, such as buying habits, product preferences and average engagement time.The prize draw is available with every flavor of Goodday 80 mL and 350 mL bottles in supermarkets, convenience stores and sari-sari stores nationwide in the Philippines.

Stanley says that Creative Appetite anticipates a high success rate for the trial by the end of March, considering the engaging nature of the connected packaging experience.

“The real-time tracking capabilities of the web app, monitoring factors such as buying habits, product and flavor preferences, and social media shares, will contribute to optimizing marketing strategies and gaining valuable insights into consumer behavior.”

“The average engagement rate for our connected experience campaigns is over two minutes, and on average, we get a 20% increase in sales, so we will be expecting to see something similar,” she says.

Rewarding consumers
The smart packaging campaign for Goodday drinks offers registered users instant prizes via the web app-based connected experience accessed via QR codes.

For every major draw, there will be one winner (out of a total of three) of an all-expense paid trip to Japan for four inclusive round trip flights, accommodation for four days and three nights, a one-day tour package and spending money. Other prizes include P10,000 (US$179) worth of GCash Credits, P1,000 (US$17.9) worth of GCash Credits, Nintendo Switch Lite and 50 winners of Goodday gift packs.

“The collaboration between Goodday and Appetite Creative reflects the brand’s dedication to rewarding and engaging consumers. Connected packaging not only offers instant rewards and competition but also serves as a valuable channel for brands to interact directly with their audience. The campaign’s versatility showcases the unlimited opportunities for brands in utilizing connected packaging,” concludes Stanley.

By Natalie Schwertheim

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