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Berry Global partners with Haver & Boecker to “close the loop” on its NorDiVent film bags

#Berry Global partners with Haver & Boecker to “close the loop” on its NorDiVent film bags

08 Nov 2023 — Berry Global’s flexible films facility in Steinfeld, Germany, is collaborating with Haver & Boecker to create a closed-loop system for the collection and recycling of Berry’s NorDiVent film bags. The collection aims to drive waste reduction and promote the reuse of resources. 

The pilot project works to prove the feasibility of collecting and recycling empty bags to demonstrate how plastic can play a crucial role in the circular economy. Berry says it is an “essential” element of its sustainability strategy and BMore Together initiative. The company continues that it is dedicated to developing solutions that align with customers’ and suppliers’ sustainability objectives. 

“[The project] enables our customers to enjoy the many benefits of plastic film while demonstrating that the used bags are a valuable resource that can be recycled. Equally important, the bags containing recycled plastic meet the high standard of technical performance required for powder-based products,” says Christian Reinke at Haver & Boecker.

Recovery for recycling
The project involves the collection of residual NorDiVent film from the test runs that every Haver & Boecker Adams filling machine undergoes before being shipped to the customer.

NorDiVent bag from Berry lying down.Berry focuses on recycling its NorDiVent Film.These films are then returned to Berry Steinfeld’s in-house recycling facility. The recovered plastic is washed, shredded, processed into regranulate, and used to manufacture new tubular film.

“This is an important initiative that shows how it is possible to close the loop for plastic film, with a practical solution that collects and recycles the film to produce a high-quality bag containing up to 50% recycled plastic,” says Frank Heseding, sales director at Berry Steinfeld.

“The demand for recycled material will continue to grow as businesses seek to strengthen their activities around the circular economy. Projects such as this clearly show how plastic can be part of the solution.”

Berry and Haver & Boecker hope that the project will act as a catalyst for the development and introduction of similar schemes. The project aims to underline the importance of all parts of the value chain working together to devise and implement effective circular solutions.

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