Body Language and the Modern Medieval Courtroom
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May 12, 2022

Body Language and the Modern Medieval Courtroom

This week, Danièle reflects on medieval court cases, body language, and the ways in which both have shaped today’s modern trials – including the celebrity ones.

Danièle has been a fan of body language expert Joe Navarro’s work for years, and a bunch of it is brought together in this episode, including his article for Psychology Today, “Detecting Lies vs. Detecting Truth – Serious Implications”. You can follow him on Twitter @navarrotells. Notable books by Joe Navarro are What Every Body is Saying, Louder than Words, and his new book, Be Exceptional.

Other books referred to in this episode are A Poisoned Past by Steven Bednarski, Common Women by Ruth Mazo Karras, and The Monstrous Races in Medieval Art and Thought by John Block Friedman. Amy Cuddy’s viral TED Talk discusses body language of up and down, and some experts who work on medieval law are Aleksandra Pfau, Sara McDougall, Shannon McSheffrey, Amanda McVitty, and Larissa (Kat) Tracy.

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Top Image: British Library MS Royal 6 E VII fol. 345r May 12, 2022 at 09:56AM

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