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October 1, 2022

Book of the Month: The Battle at the Halfway Oak and The Spanish Count

Our Book of the Month for October is The Battle at the Halfway Oak and The Spanish Count: Two Scripts of Medieval Historical Fiction, by Steven Muhlberger.

A deadly formal combat between two garrisons. Knightly honor in an age when it seemed all honor was gone. Blood and death on both sides.

A count hiding in plain sight, awaiting a huge ransom. Bankers, courtesans, and card sharps. Cloak and dagger intrigue in the streets of London.

These two scripts are put together by our friends at Witan Publishing. They cover two different real events from the Hundred Years’ War: The famous Combat of the Thirty at the Halfway Oak, and the intrigue involved in ransoming the Count of Denia.

It is available for our readers based in the United States and Canada who sign up to our Patreon page at either the $45 (US) or $65 (US) tier between now and the end of October. Then we will send your shipping information to the publisher who will send you the book. You also get ad-free access to both the website and The Medieval Podcast.

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