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October 3, 2022

Brussels Sprouts Fritters with Tomato Basil Aioli.

We love these brussels sprouts fritters! They are golden, crunchy, crisp and flavorful, topped with parmesan and served with a sun dried tomato basil dipping sauce. Absolutely delicious and perfect as an appetizer or side dish!

Raise your hand if you love brussels sprouts!

brussels sprouts fritters with tomato basil dipping sauce

We’re raising every hand in this house. Brussels sprouts season for the win!

I will never forget the first time I made brussels sprouts and LOVED them. I even documented it here on the blog and I can remember the exact day, down to cooking them in a cast iron skillet. 

brussels fritters batter

Brussels sprouts were so polarizing when I was growing up – in fact, I’m pretty sure my mom is still stunned that we eat them frequently. Back then, the common preparation of this vegetable was steaming it… and not only did they smell terrible, but they barely had any flavor. I’m so glad we have come so far.

Enter, crispy crunchy brussels fritters served with a sun dried tomato dipping sauce.

They are fantastic! 

brussels fritters batter

If you have a copy of Everyday Dinners, then you may have made the broccoli fritters that are in the book. They are SO super delicious – very crispy, crunchy and the perfect flavor of roasted broccoli, even though they aren’t roasted.

The kids love them, I love them and they are a hit all around.

Since I love brussels sprouts so much, I figured I could try the fritters with sprouts. Talk about a huge win.

frying brussels fritters

Now, the thing is that the brussels have to be slightly cooked before making them into fritters. Otherwise they are a bit too crunchy and raw and may even taste a little bitter. Because it’s the quickest option, I choose to chop them and throw them in a bowl with a drop of water. Then I microwave them for two minutes.

It’s super simple!

This allows the brussels to slightly steam, and soften just enough that they make the perfect fritter. I don’t suggest skipping this part. It makes them much better than if the brussels are raw.

The fritter batter is so easy. It’s a mix of flour, eggs and some parmesan, plus garlic, crushed red pepper and some salt. Super easy!

I know someone will ask if this can be done in the air fryer and the answer is most likely not. The batter is just a little too wet. The wet batter allows the fritters to be nice and light and fluffy. You don’t need a lot of oil in the skillet to cook them – I never do a deep fry. I add one tablespoon or so and just do a light pan-fry. 

brussels sprouts fritters with tomato basil dipping sauce

Make sure the brussels are totally brown and crisp on the bottom before flipping. Brussels notoriously get really dark and golden when fried, so don’t be alarmed. This is where all your flavor is. You can allow one side to get crispier than the other, which is how I love to eat them.

brussels sprouts fritters with tomato basil dipping sauce

Once finished, serve them with a delicious tomato basil dipping sauce! I make a cheater’s aioli and use mayo, garlic, a few chopped sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil. It’s such a good dip and could be used for an array of dishes. 

These make for a delicious side dish or even snack or appetizer. I love them warm but they are also great when served at room temp or even cold from the fridge. Really, you can’t go wrong with them! (more…)

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