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September 29, 2022

Caramel Cider Crush.

This caramel apple cider cocktail is so perfect for fall. Chilled apple cider poured over crushed ice, mixed with salted caramel vodka and topped off with ginger ale. It’s refreshing and tastes like heaven. All the cozy vibes!

New fall cocktail alert!

This is one of those cocktails that doesn’t taste like a cocktail… which is my favorite kind. 

Yes, warning – you can’t even taste the salted caramel vodka in this! It tastes like a fizzy apple cider and it’s so incredible. My go-to this season with lots of crushed ice. 

caramel cider crush cocktail

Okay I’m bring this cocktail to you straight from the comments section of this website. Oh yes. A few weeks ago, reader Beth left this comment:

“You loved orange crushes when you came to Delaware. One of our local restaurants does seasonal crushes and the fall one is an apple cider crush!! A-mazing…. Apple cider, apple Crown Royal, salted caramel vodka (or caramel vodka), and Sprite. At home, we ended up skipping the Crown Royal, still amazing.”

Um, thank you forever Beth!

caramel cider crush cocktail

When I tell you that I RAN out and bought the ingredients for this… oh my word. I am not exaggerating. It sounded so autumn-y and fantastic that I couldn’t wait to try it. And while I’ve made a honeycrisp crush before, this apple cider crush takes.the.cake. 

Seriously, if you’re an apple cider fan you will LOVE this. I’ve already discussed serving it for Halloween and some of our fall parties. 

caramel cider crush cocktail

This is how easy it is!

Apple cider. A few local farms have the most delicious apple cider. I always have some on hand in the fall. 

Salted caramel vodka. It has been YEARS since I bought flavored vodka. I mean, truly – YEARS. I don’t use flavored vodka very much anymore but this is incredible. Tastes like dessert, but in a good way. I like the Stolichnaya or Smirnoff version.

Ginger ale… or seasonal seltzer. There’s a few options here that you can try! Ginger ale is the easiest. I find it’s the most delicious too. Classic ginger flavor pairs perfectly with cider. If you like a lot of spice and bite, do ginger beer instead. And if you have a seasonal seltzer – like this waterloo spiced apple (!!!), which is delicious – that also works! I like the seltzer option too because it adds fizz without sweetness. 

caramel cider crush cocktail

Of course, you can do a little cinnamon sugar rim if you like and garnish with apple slices. It’s the cutest!

You can easily make this in a pitcher for a party too! Mix together the apple cider and vodka and refrigerate it until it’s time to serve. Pour glasses and top off with the ginger ale or seltzer. 

caramel cider crush cocktail

So, yay for fall cocktails! (more…)

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Jessica September 29, 2022 at 04:25PM

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