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May 13, 2022

Cheesy Tomato Basil Baked Orzo.

This cheesy tomato basil baked orzo is a comforting, cozy side dish that is super versatile and delicious. All the delicious flavors of tomato and basil with tender orzo and lots of parmesan.

Hello orzo lovers!

Today we’re making cheesy tomato basil orzo, which is warm and comforting but also touched with the flavors of summer. It’s the biggest hit and you won’t be able to stop digging in with a spoon! 

cheesy tomato basil baked orzo

This is the side dish to end all side dishes for me! Well, okay – at least a baked one. 

Remember my parmesan orzo? Ooooh yes it’s a good one. And you make it all on the stovetop.

This is not that. This one is super cheesy, tomato-y and baked until creamy and melty and gooey and perfect. It’s more filling than my parmesan orzo but not quite as versatile.

cheesy tomato basil baked orzo

I mean, okay, it’s delicious and maybe that means it’s versatile because let’s be real: it’s eat-it-every-day-good. But since it’s tomato basil-ish, it goes with less. You know? It’s just not a blank slate, and I love that about it. 

cheesy tomato basil baked orzo

I realize that this could be a wintery comfort food side dish. But it’s also very much warm-weatherish, aside from that whole having to turn on the oven thing. So go ahead and make this a few times over the next couple weeks before it hits 90! The tomato basil flavor is so special and delish. 

And I can’t get over how good the orzo is, if only because you’re constantly trying to decide “is it pasta?” or “is it rice?” and then you can totally pass it off as whichever you choose. Of course we know it’s pasta, but it takes on the feel of a rice dish much more than a super cheesy baked pasta, like this one. You know? 

cheesy tomato basil baked orzo

Here’s how I make it! It’s so incredibly easy.

  • I toast my orzo in some butter, just like I do with the parmesan orzo. This is key because it adds so much depth of flavor. So toasty and delicious! Garlic too.
  • I add in marinara sauce and chicken stock, then I bake it.
  • After that, I stir it a bit, add a little more stock, a lot of cheese and finish the bake for another ten minutes or so.
  • Toppings include lots of parmesan cheese, crushed red pepper flakes and fresh basil. It’s a dream!

cheesy tomato basil baked orzo

Seriously, I cannot get over how good this is. I know I’m really having a moment with orzo this year and orzo-ing all the things. Don’t pass this one up! It’s so creamy and cheesy and flavorful. 

cheesy tomato basil baked orzo

If you’re looking for dinner ideas to serve with this, I suggest my grilled chicken parmesan, chicken romano meatballs or even serving it as a main dish with the howsweeteats house salad! I could easily enjoy a bowl of this for dinner, and I love it paired with a big greens salad. One of the perfect meals in my opinion.

cheesy tomato basil baked orzo

Just look at that stretchy melty cheese! (more…)

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