Cheesy Weeknight Tortellini Skillet.
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August 29, 2022

Cheesy Weeknight Tortellini Skillet.

This cheesy tortellini skillet is one of our favorite weeknight meals. Especially good for back-to-school season, this skillet has a quick marinara meat sauce, cheese tortellini, fresh mozzarella and tons of basil. Baked until melty – it’s perfect. 

Dinner is going to be sooooo delicious tonight. 

cheesy weeknight tortellini skillet

It’s official back-to-school time for us so I am breaking out my menu plan and adding in all of our favorite easy weeknight meals. This is a newer one that I am so excited to share with you – everyone in this house ate it right up.

cheesy weeknight tortellini skillet

It’s easy. 


Super delicious. 

And cheesy. You know we can’t go wrong there. 

Baked cheesy (and beefy!) ravioli is where it’s at. I love to make a dinner that EVERYONE is excited about. This is the kind of dinner that you look forward to all day. The one that tastes like home, is everyone’s favorite and occasionally… eaten up so there are no leftovers!

I mean, sad about the leftovers but a huge win when everyone loves it so much. 

ground beef and marinara

It’s pretty darn simple and semi-homemade with a jar of marinara. Here’s how I do it!

ground beef, marinara, tortellini

To start, I brown ground beef or turkey in an oven-safe skillet. We’re going to throw the whole skillet in the oven, so just start it right in that pan. I season it a bit more with salt, pepper, garlic, basil and oregano. 

Then I throw in a jar of my favorite marinara! We love Rao’s and I have a ton in my pantry. I’d say we go through two jars or every single week. 

I also cook some tortellini! I like to do a cheese or spinach tortellini for this recipe. You can use whatever flavor you love or whatever you have on hand. Cheese is my number one though. It just goes perfectly. 

cheesy weeknight tortellini skillet

The tortellini cooks fast, so while it’s a pain that you need to cook it ahead of time, it only takes about three minutes once the water is boiling. Once it’s down, I drain it and throw it in the pan with the meat sauce.

Next, I top everything with some torn fresh mozzarella. Oh yum. 

Finally – bake it! Place the skillet in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes or so, just until the cheese melts and everything is warm and melty. Top it with tons of fresh basil and serve it. 

cheesy weeknight tortellini skillet

This is SUCH a huge hit. It reminds me a lot of my burrata baked ravioli dish from last year, and we adore that. So I’m always looking for similar dishes that everyone may love.

The best part is that this is very customizable depending on what you have, love or your preferences. You can stir in some spinach like I do with my ravioli. You could add extra veggies, a spicier marinara, use an impossible meat variety or even switch up the cheese. And of course – the tortellini flavor is up to you. 

cheesy weeknight tortellini skillet

We can’t get enough.

This is the perfect weeknight meal for us during the school year. It’s incredibly cozy and comforting, easy to throw together and feeds a crowd. I pair with a big house salad and it’s incredibly satisfying. If you really want to take things over the top, add in some of my best garlic bread from Everyday Dinners.

cheesy weeknight tortellini skillet

ENJOY. (more…)

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