Citrus to keep you alive
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March 21, 2022

Citrus to keep you alive

Let It Be Sunday, 245!

Hello friends!  Please excuse the tardy Sunday post two weekends in a row. This is my favorite post to settle on the couch to write on Saturday nights. The past two Saturday nights I’ve been out in the world celebrating this life, and that’s changed up our Sunday routine.  My apologies.  I’m here! We’re back….

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Let It Be Sunday, 231!

Hello my dears!  Another steamy Sunday, welcome to it! I spent this week home in New Orleans, watering and talking to my outdoor plants and watering and talking to my indoor cat.  This weekend I’ve been in Austin Texas learning the art of pretzel making from the head dough-pincher at Easy Tiger. And while I…

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Let It Be Sunday, 228!

Hello my friends!  Can you believe that these gorgeous hibiscus flowers bloom for one day, bring all of their shine and beauty, and then wilt the next?  All that effort and beauty for one day.  It’s incredible.  It blows my mind every time I see these flowers. It inspires me to make the most of…

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Abby Mallett March 21, 2022 at 11:10PM

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