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Cleancult launches “first ever” refillable aluminum household packaging range across the US

#Cleancult launches “first ever” refillable aluminum household packaging range across the US

20 Oct 2023 — Cleancult has launched dish soaps, all-purpose cleaners and hand soaps in refillable aluminum bottles that can be used infinitely. The company says the products will be the “first-ever” filled and ready-to-use aluminum bottles in mass-market retail dish soap and all-purpose cleaner categories in the US. 

The refillable aluminum line will be sold in select Walmart stores across the US, where its patented paper-based refill cartons are sold. The company says it is dedicated to “refill over landfill.” 

“We understand ease, convenience and access are key in converting more people to no-plastic fanatics,” says Cleancult’s CEO and co-founder, Ryan Lupberger. “We are excited to expand our relationship with Walmart and now partner with Albertsons to bring plastic waste alternatives to their shoppers as part of their own healthy planet and people initiatives.”

Innova Market Insights data suggests a 7% growth in multipurpose household cleaning product launches from April 2018 to March 2023. The environmentally sustainable packaging trend has gained ground, and multipurpose cleaners have grown 28% in the last five years. There is also a steep growth in the “Household – Odor Eliminating” category launches for multipurpose cleaners.

Plastic-waste free option
The line includes a 16 fl. oz. Dish Soap and 16 fl. oz. All Purpose Cleaner in the brand’s Lemon Verbena and Wild Lavender scents. The company asserts these products are made to be refilled and reused for “eternity.”

Cleancults refillable aluminum packaging range on a kitchen counter.Cleancult’s refillable aluminum cleaning products will be sold in Walmart.The household cleaning brand also partners with Albertsons Companies, a US-based grocery store. Cleancult is bringing its ready-to-use 12 fl. oz hand soap and refill cartons to approximately 2,000 Albertsons supermarkets nationwide.

“At Albertsons, we’re continually looking for opportunities to expand our sustainable product selection and reduce unnecessary packaging, which is why we’re thrilled to introduce Cleancult’s refillable aluminum hand soaps to our customers. Together, we can make a difference in the communities we serve and the planet we share,” says Suzanne Long, chief sustainability and transformation officer for Albertsons Companies.

Cleancult explains that with less than 5% of the plastic made in the US reaching recycling, it takes its efforts alongside Walmart and Albertsons to “democratize circularity.”

The two retail collaborations allow Cleancult’s products to be in stores, creating a plastic waste-free option for consumers. This encourages environmentally sustainable cleaning adoption “without changing [consumer] behavior or compromising on efficacy or price.”

With this new retail network — which takes the brand to 70,000 points of distribution — Cleancult says it is poised to lead the “charge in [environmentally] sustainable home and personal care.”

The company says the new refillable aluminum range pairs with its completely recyclable paper-based refill cartons that remove 90% of plastic waste from cleaning rituals. It continues that it was the “first company in the world” to successfully package soaps and detergents in patented 100% recyclable paper-based cartons.

Cleancult’s entire product portfolio is Plastic Neutral Certified by rePurpose Global and is a partner of US Plastic Pacts, How2Recycle and Sustainable Packaging Coalition. 

Edited by Sabine Waldeck 

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