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Coca-Cola Europacific Partners and Ball deploy hydrotreated vegetable oil to cut transport fuel emissions

#Coca-Cola Europacific Partners and Ball deploy hydrotreated vegetable oil to cut transport fuel emissions

03 Nov 2023 — Coca-Cola Europacific Partners’ distributor Menzies Distribution is launching Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) drives with Ball Packaging. Menzies Distribution has successfully introduced HVO onto the Ball Packaging contract and operates a national fleet of over 500 HGV vehicles. 

HVO is an environmentally sustainable fuel source with a lower carbon footprint than diesel and can reduce CO2 emissions by c. 90% according to its manufacturers. It can be used as the primary fuel source for the vehicle or used in conjunction with diesel to improve CO2 emissions without change to the existing engine or additional maintenance of the vehicles. 

Mark Haslam, Ball Corporation’s logistics director EMEA, tells Packaging Insights: “We’ve established clear touch points throughout 2024 to monitor our progress: Measure our performance and ensure we remain on track. We have a couple of other ideas in mind how to expand this project should this trial be successful and we will be in discussions with our customers to achieve even greater CO2 reductions together.”

Ian Hicks, Menzies head of operations, adds: “The transition to HVO is part of the business-wide drive to reduce carbon emissions to be net zero by 2035. HVO offers a flexible solution with immediate savings and allows us to meet the demands of our customers to reduce emissions. Ball Packaging has been fantastic regarding their support for introducing HVO, and we look forward to introducing other green initiatives across our network to drive further savings.”

Truck in front of plastic production facility.The introduction of HVO is part of accelerating the decarbonization of transport activities.Cutting supply chain emissions
Menzies has been a partner of Ball Packaging for more than 13 years, providing warehousing and transport services across multiple sites. The introduction of HVO forms a key part of helping to accelerate the decarbonization of transport activities and is said to be an important part of Menzies’ journey to become net zero by 2035.

A HVO fuel tank has been installed at the Menzies Ball Packaging site in Milton Keynes, UK. Commencing in October and running for 12 months, the trial could reduce supply chain CO2 emissions by around 300 metric tons annually. Approximately 5,000 deliveries will be powered by HVO, with deliveries being made to the Coca-Cola site in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Haslam comments: “Addressing transport emissions holds immense significance for us, spanning from the can’s production to its ultimate delivery phase. By fostering robust partnerships with our customers and suppliers along the entire value chain, we are actively advancing toward our sustainability objectives.”

Recently, Coca-Cola HBC opened a new in-house recycled plastic production facility in Romania and introduced 100% recycled plastic bottles across its soft drinks portfolio in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

By Natalie Schwertheim 

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