Cookies and Cream Bars.
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February 25, 2022

Cookies and Cream Bars.

These cookies and cream bars and ridiculously delicious! A brown butter, chewy cookie bar filled with crushed oreos. Perfectly chewy and crunchy at the same time and a hit for cookies and cream lovers!

This is just what we need on a Friday!

cookies and cream bars

If there was ever a time to make a cookie bar and fill it with crushed oreo cookies, now is it. I give you permission! 

crushed oreo cookies

These cookie bars are chewy and crunchy from the oreos with the ideal amount of cookies and cream flavor. They are the business. 

cookies and cream bars

We are a big cookies and cream family. Like, huge.

I’ve always enjoyed cookies and cream ice cream but Eddie loves it on another level. It is his favorite flavor of ice cream ever. If he ever gets a milkshake, it’s cookies and cream. He could probably care less about oreos in general, but crush them and add them to vanilla ice cream? Game over. 

He now has Emilia hooked too. That flavor is her #1.

And while Max leans more towards mint chocolate chip, he also loves anything with oreos. 


cookies and cream bars

Here we are.

Oreo cookie cookie bars. Two cookies needed. Because we are putting oreo cookies IN cookie bars. Get it? 

cookies and cream bars

To make these beauties, I took my salted brown butter chocolate chip cookie bars and instead of adding chocolate chips, added crushed oreos. 

OH YES. It’s that easy.

cookies and cream bars

Very simple and nothing earth shattering but so incredibly good. In the testing phase, I was actually annoyed I hadn’t thought to make these sooner. Why didn’t I crush oreos for my cookie bars back in 2020, when we were making those bars on the regular?

If I had to choose between the original cookie bars and these, I choose these. I prefer the crushed oreos over the melty chocolate chips in a weird way.  (more…)

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