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Coop & Emmi unveil Swiss dairy in “more environmentally sound” PET bottles

#Coop & Emmi unveil Swiss dairy in “more environmentally sound” PET bottles

30 Jan 2024 — Selected milk and cream products sold under Coop’s brands are now available in more environmentally sound PET bottles and various Emmi branded products such as Emmi Energy Milk.

The launch of this packaging innovation represents another step toward achieving sustainability goals as both companies seek to establish a circular economy.

It is currently the only plastic food packaging in Switzerland that can be recycled and reprocessed in a closed cycle.

Coop milk, cream, and various Emmi brands, such as Emmi Energy Milk High Protein and Comella Choco Drink, have switched to sustainable packaging solutions. Various UHT milk products sold under Coop’s organic Naturaplan brand are also expected to be available in more environmentally sound PET bottles from the end of next month.

Sustainable packaging
The new bottle made of white PET is slated as a packaging innovation by Coop and Emmi.

The opaque bottle offers optimum product protection as well as consistency of taste. The bottles will be used to manufacture new PET bottles that can be used again for milk and dairy products. Compared to their polyethylene predecessors, PET bottles will result in a significant reduction in transport as well as material usage in the future.

According to a Carbotech study, the aim is to achieve a CO2 reduction of around 25%.

“We look forward to extending our commitment to recyclable packaging to more of our own brand and branded goods. In this way, we can stick to our path of sustainability as we pursue a circular strategy,” explains Andrea Kramer, head of marketing and purchasing at Coop.

Meanwhile, Marc Heim, Head of the Swiss Division at Emmi, says: “Dairy products in PET bottles are another innovative and recyclable packaging solution in line with our ambitious sustainability goals. By working with our partners and PET-Recycling Schweiz, we can collect and reuse materials across the country as packaging for dairy products.”

Clear labeling
The familiar PET symbol appears on the recyclable milk and dairy product bottles to remind buyers how to dispose of them. Across Switzerland, these bottles — and any drinks bottles made of PET — can be returned to any PET collection point and fed back into the cycle.

Throughout the launch phase, Coop and Emmi will inform their customers by placing clear labels on the new packaging.

Coop’s circular strategy
For Coop, the switchover to PET for milk and dairy products is the latest in a series of packaging changes with the eventual goal of introducing environmentally sound packaging for all brand products.

Emmi dairy PET bottles.Emmi is making strides toward achieving its sustainability goal of using 100% recyclable packaging.PET and rPET have assumed a key role in Coop’s circular strategy of reducing material requirements and steadily establishing closed cycles.

In this way, the cooperative is making its own contribution to resource conservation: since 2012, Coop has managed to reduce or optimize 36,000 metric tons of packaging materials.

Emmi’s sustainability goals
Based on its sustainability model, the company uses recyclable packaging to avoid waste and conserve resources.

By introducing milk in PET bottles, Emmi is making further progress toward achieving its sustainability goal of using 100% recyclable packaging and a minimum of 30% recycled materials by 2027.

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