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Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna: Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries talks premium beauty and fragrance market

#Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna: Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries talks premium beauty and fragrance market

Vivien Charrey, general manager at Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries.
Vivien Charrey, general manager at Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries.

26 Mar 2024 — Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries expanded its range of “sustainable prestige” packaging solutions at Cosmoprof in Bologna, Italy, March 20–23, emphasizing the importance of eco-friendly alternatives for the beauty industry. The company presented its “Refill Experience,” dedicated to refillable packaging innovations.

The new collections are designed for fragrance, makeup and skin care markets, emphasizing premium offerings focusing on environmental sustainability.

One of the highlights was the Euphoria collection, featuring “elegant” glass perfumery bottles available with refill necks in various capacities. The refill models, coupled with the refill set, offer consumers an easy and safe refilling experience.

In addition to fragrance innovations, Berlin Packaging showcased makeup and skin care solutions, including the Interstellar and Double Glass Refill & Go collections. These offerings align with the company’s eco-design mission, emphasizing reusable components and sustainable materials.

Packaging Insights speaks to general manager Vivien Charrey to learn more about the company’s take on beauty and fragrance packaging.

Charrey stresses the importance of changing consumer preferences and achieving technological advancements in addressing the evolving market landscape.

How are you staying ahead of the curve in terms of innovative packaging designs?
Charrey: Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries provides a wide range of beauty and personal care packaging products, closely observing market trends and actively listening to customers’ needs.

Sustainability is at the heart of current trends, with a strong focus on recycled, recyclable materials and refillable solutions. We design our packaging, starting with the Design Consciousness concept, to have the lowest environmental impact, so we create packaging solutions that align with sustainability properties and the specific requirements of the beauty market.

Circularity, optimization and reuse and refill are precisely the principles around which Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries conceives a design for packaging solutions that minimize environmental impact, which are recyclable, which can be reused and lend themselves to being refilled, or that have separable components to facilitate consumers’ disposal.

How would you describe the future of the beauty packaging market?
Charrey: The demand for sustainable and refillable solutions to reduce emissions and environmental impact is strongly increasing in the beauty and personal care sector. We have invested in refillable solutions, proposing packaging with high aesthetic and functional characteristics capable of responding to the needs to place sustainability at the center. The Euphoria collection is characterized by its rounded shoulder and the thick glass base, inspired by the refined shapes of high-end classic perfumery.

We have detected five main trends in collaboration with Quantis that will drive the challenges of the following years: first of all, sustainability requirements emerge, the growing pressure to reduce packaging waste through regulations that are in the process of being drafted but which will become increasingly stricter.

Next, the growth of e-commerce may lead to a convergence of primary and secondary packaging and to new designs that facilitate the demand for greater automation of logistics processes. In addition, the change in consumers’ purchasing preferences should be considered, as they are increasingly driven by factors such as comfort, personalization, “local hero” products, and interest in well-being and value for money. This and the increasing strain on costs in the value chain of packaging result in reduced retail sales margins.

Finally, AI and other new technologies can simplify the entire packaging design process, significantly improving its quality and helping companies reduce material waste, due to precise monitoring of the design and material selection phases.

What can you tell us about the company’s recent “sustainable” innovations?
Charrey: For us at Berlin Packaging, sustainability is a strategic driver that is a part of our day-by-day job and not just a trend.

The Infusion Fragrance refillable collection is an excellent example of this approach. It offers, indeed, a new container with a screw neck, which allows the consumer, in combination with the refill set, to refill it once the fragrance is empty. In fact, with the refill twist pump presented in combination with the Neville 150 mL bottle, Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries is responding to increasing demand for refillable packaging in the masstige and prestige fragrance market.

Infusion Refill is also synonymous with sustainability: the screw neck allows to separate the glass bottle from its accessories, helping the final consumer in their proper disposal.Airglass Refill & Go and Airglass Slim Refill & Go offer protection from external contamination owing to its airless packaging inside a refillable glass bottle.

Also, Airglass Refill & Go and Airglass Slim Refill & Go are good examples: these products combine an airless solution’s safety with a refill’s sustainability. With a simple click, thanks to the bayonet mechanism, the glass bottle becomes refillable an infinite number of times. These two products are the perfect allies for beauty formulas that need to be kept free from external contamination thanks to the combination of airless packaging inside a refillable glass bottle.

Can you highlight some premium packaging options for luxury beauty and fragrance customers?
Charrey: Our goal is to bring additional value and distinctive character to every brand. Whatever the need, Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries offers the ideal solution for enhancing customers’ brand image with always innovative, elegant, and ethical luxury proposals as well as numerous decoration techniques like varnishing, screen printing, hot stamping, inkjet, laser etching and many others. These decoration possibilities could be perfect for the mentioned Double Glass to give the customer’s products a more luxurious look and feel.

Moreover, we propose the iconic glass bottles of the Makeup in Glass collection with a square shape combined with round accessories for an attractive, playful, and immediately recognizable design. This collection can be combined with multiple accessories to cover different application areas, ranging from products for the face and lips with flocked applicators to those for eyes and eyebrows, with mascara applicators in various shapes to obtain different performances.

Among the luxury solutions for the beauty market is the elegance of Himiko, where ancient perfumery meets the modernity of regular shapes, giving life to a collection of glass bottles characterized by a square section softened by apothecary details. Available in 30, 50 and 100 mL sizes with an FEA 15 spout, Himiko is an ever-evolving collection whose distinctive design has recently been complemented by bottles and jars with screw necks in both plastic and glass suitable for the skin care market.

Regarding the travel market, we offer the Vip Fragrance solution, a luxury travel size 5 and 10 ml with FEA 13 and screw neck available in both cylindrical and square cross-sections. Vip Fragrance bottles are bestsellers thanks to their exquisite glass quality and a perfect size impression for premium packaging with reduced nominal content.Luxe collection houses monomaterial PP Refill Cup that can be replaced with a new one.

What role does creative packaging design play for your company?
Charrey: Berlin Packaging is supported by Studio One Eleven, the in-house design consultancy, which seamlessly fuses a design agency’s attributes with a manufacturer’s precision to breathe life into groundbreaking products. The team at Studio One Eleven is made up of experienced designers, engineers, and marketers.

When a customer comes to us, its professionals carefully evaluate and manage each project with a comprehensive approach: product design and planning, prototyping, decoration, secondary packaging and branding — all in line with the latest market trends and consumer preferences.

In terms of creative packaging design, we have recently developed the Double Glass collection, which was designed for the prestige packaging segment dedicated to luxury beauty formulas, enhancing the textures of cosmetic formulas thanks to an innovative and attractive design characterized by a tubular glass ampoule that appears suspended inside a transparent glass bottle.

Available in two sizes of 15 and 30 mL, the bottles of the Double Glass collection are designed for luxury skin care and makeup formulas such as serums, creams, lotions, masks, gels, foundations and illuminants, and are refillable up to 25 times for less environmental impact.

By Radhika Sikaria

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