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CPhI Barcelona: Sensoplast showcases updated pharma pack tech for improved dosing production speed

#CPhI Barcelona: Sensoplast showcases updated pharma pack tech for improved dosing production speed

27 Oct 2023 — Sensoplast presented tamper-evident and child-resistant closures and droppers by pat assemblies, measuring cups or inserts for dosing syringes at CPhI in Barcelona, Spain, October 24-26. Patients can take pharmaceutical liquids with glass or plastic bottles through these applications. 

On the show floor, we spoke to Frank Busch, the managing director of Sensoplast about the company’s latest innovations in pharma packaging. 

“We manufacture pharmaceutical screw caps and dosage systems made of plastic elastomer and glass, pharmaceutical primary packaging and medical devices. Products are produced exclusively at our two cleanroom-certified German sites located between Frankfurt and Cologne. However, 70% of our customers are outside Germany,” Busch explains. 

“Our products are designed to enable the patient to take medicine safely with accurate dosage, and at the same time, with easy and genuine manufacturing. We always try to maximize the added value of our production process within our own company.”

Busch tells Packaging Insights that Sensoplast is exhibiting at CPhI for only the second time this year. “Last year’s sales success in Frankfurt was so overwhelming that we will certainly be very happy to be here again in the coming years.”

Carbon-free black color systems in glass.Sensoplast offers black color systems with carbon-free black color granules that are sortable in the recycling process.Sensoplast is a German family business with around 170 employees, managed by Busch in the second generation, 35 years after its foundation. 

Fast delivery services
Apart from products, Busch says Sensoplast offers services that include everything that the company’s direct competitors do not provide or no longer offer. 

“Direct answers to inquiries or technical customer inquiries, immediate technical on-site support in the event of processing problems in the case of product changeovers or expert advice on the approval of medical products. Here, we authentically present positive, close personal contact to prospective customers and our existing customers worldwide.”

“We deliver significantly faster than all competitors. Because we have many different standard closure systems, always available in stock as single components or already assembled,” asserts Busch. 

“We know all our articles technically and functionally as we have developed, optimized and manufactured them. None of our competitors has a manufacturer to realize such a low minimum order quantity.”

Sensoplast supplies most items in cartons, containing 3000-5000 pieces. However, the company can also supply extensive quantities of several million pieces through its large injection molds. 

“We have grown much faster than our market competitors in the last ten years. The main reason for this growth is the service we provide in customer communication and technical service with us. No one has to wait more than 24 hours for a response. And we answer most questions on the same day,” highlights Busch. Frank Busch, managing director at Sensoplast.

R&D for capping and metering 
In addition to the safety and simple function of the products, the company shows examples of how environmental sustainability can be implemented in the production of a plastic product. 

“We already produce our black color systems with carbon-free black color granules that are detectable, sortable in the recycling process and therefore support the circular economy for basic materials,” says Busch. 

Furthermore, the company production building’s roofs are equipped with photovoltaic systems to feed the electricity demand from renewable energy sources. 

“These are just two examples on our way to our zero-emission target, which we aim for in 2028. We have doubled our development activities related to new capping and metering systems starting this year,” asserts Busch. 

“Likewise, we have also doubled our innovation and development. In the coming year, we will grow primarily through new products in the area of dropper systems and cosmeceutical systems. The trend continues to be CBD, natural medicine, herbal pharmaceuticals, natural cosmetics and the fusion of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, so-called cosmeceutical products,” he concludes.

By Natalie Schwertheim

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