Crispy Orzo Frittata with Bacon and Goat Cheese.
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March 23, 2022

Crispy Orzo Frittata with Bacon and Goat Cheese.

This crispy orzo frittata is the perfect breakfast-for-dinner meal! Crispy orzo, crunchy bacon, lots of fresh spinach and goat cheese make this one delicious, flavorful dish.

Breakfast for dinner is my love language. 

crispy orzo frittata with bacon and goat cheese

And it’s definitely the season for all the delicious egg dishes! I have a new quiche coming, some incredible deviled eggs and of course, this crispy orzo frittata. The frittata has so much texture, savory, crunchy bacon, creamy goat cheese, crisp greens and lots of flavor.

We’re talking, tons! 

crispy orzo in a skillet

Oh yes by the way can you tell I’m having a moment with orzo? It’s my current favorite pasta/small grain to use for bowls and salads. It’s just so chewy and delicious and perfect. I don’t even want to tell you how many recipes with orzo I have waiting in the wings.

I’ve got so many good ones for you. 

eggs, spinach, goat cheese and bacon

Anyway! On to this frittata, otherwise known as the breakfast-for-dinner of my dreams. Of course, it could be breakfast. Or brunch. But I love eggs for dinner (and lunch!) because they can be perfectly savory and incredibly filling. There are so many ways to enjoy them and this is by far the most fun way I’ve been making them lately. 

P.S. this potato chip frittata is also pretty fantastic…

crispy orzo frittata with bacon and goat cheese

Two years ago, right before we went into lockdown, I made this crispy orzo with lemon and artichokes. It is SUCH an incredible dish. And it has never really got the attention that it deserves because I shared it right when things were getting bad and we were all making easy pantry meals to hold it together at home. It wasn’t exactly a high priority meal in those next few months and while I’ve made a version of it once or twice, it kind of disappeared from my recipe brain. 

At that same time, I shared a pasta frittata which has, frankly, become a staple for us here at dinnertime. WOW is it so super easy and incredibly delicious. WE LOVE IT. Everyone enjoys it, it is light but fast and filling all at the same time. And can be made by just about anyone without any screw ups. Simple as can be. 

crispy orzo frittata with bacon and goat cheese

So this is a mish-mash of those two things, two really good recipes that I enjoy. With a few fun little flavor twists! 

crispy orzo frittata with bacon and goat cheese

The crispy orzo frittata goes like this.

  • It all starts with orzo, obviously. This is a fantastic recipe if you find that you have leftover orzo from dinner last night. If not, just make a quick batch! It’s simple. Or prep a batch ahead of time just for this recipe. 
  • Cook some bacon until crispy! Remove it and leave the fat in the pan. We’re going to utilize that. 
  • Add the cooked orzo to that bacon fat and cook it until crispy. Press it into the pan and flip it a few times until it’s crunchy.
  • Make a frittata mixture, consisting of eggs, fresh herbs, spinach, a little cheese and seasonings. EASY! Pour it into the skillet and cook!
  • Bake the whole thing for a few minutes until fluffy and ready to serve.

crispy orzo frittata with bacon and goat cheese

My favorite way to serve this is with some springs greens. I love the crisp greens on the side and dress them with olive oil and vinegar. And I find the combination such a light and wonderful dinner! 

I know that Eddie is laughing right now because when we met, he used to eat scrambled eggs and pasta together. It was one of his easy staple weeknight meals and also worked as a marathon training meal for him. I used to tease him because it lacked a lot of flavor and looked very unappealing. And here I am, again, combining pasta and eggs. 

Either way, it’s so darn good!  (more…)

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