Dark Chocolate Bundt Cake with Irish Cream Glaze.
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March 11, 2022

Dark Chocolate Bundt Cake with Irish Cream Glaze.

This dark chocolate bundt cake is tender with the perfect crumb and chocolate flavor, then drizzled in an irish cream chocolate icing. Such a delicious dessert!

This time of year screams chocolate cake! 

dark chocolate bundt cake with irish cream glaze

This bundt is perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day and drizzled in the most delicious Bailey’s Irish Cream glaze. A rich chocolate icing infused with irish cream liqueur that really shines through. It’s the best sweet ending to a hectic day and lovely weekend dessert!

dark chocolate bundt cake with irish cream glaze

I love a good bundt cake! Baking is not my strong suit and I don’t have a ton of patience for layer cakes. I’m all about the sheet cakes and an occasional bundt. Bundts are fun and pretty and sometimes a showstopper on the dessert table.

pouring cake batter into a bundt pan

I’ve done a dark chocolate bundt cake before and loved it. I make one with a dragonfruit glaze and it’s stunning and fantastic. However! I wanted to try a different chocolate cake. Supposedly this is the one that Ina Garten likes?! Which meant I had to try it.

dark chocolate cake batter

This cake is insanely good. It’s the perfect chocolate bundt. Deep in chocolate flavor, not overly sweet, super tender with the best crumb. And the ideal vehicle for a chocolate irish cream icing drizzled on top! 

dark chocolate cake out of the oven

The other thing is that this cake is EASY. You add all the wet ingredients to a mixer then add in all of your dry ingredients. Beat for five minutes, pour in a bundt cake and bake. That’s it! It does use buttermilk and hot coffee and dutch cocoa, but everything else is most likely hiding in your pantry! 

You can watch me make it on instagram today.

irish cream glaze

A few things that make this dark chocolate bundt cake work:

  • Use cocoa powder instead of flour for the inside of the bundt pan. This makes the cake look extra pretty.
  • Dutch cocoa powder is the way to go. It gives you that extra rich dark chocolate flavor. And look!
  • An entire cup of coffee goes into this cake. I swear – it does not taste like coffee at ALL. Not one bit. Trust me. Eddie loathes coffee and I can promise there is no coffee flavor here. It just enhances the chocolate flavor. It deepens it and adds a layer of flavor that chocolate alone can’t do. If you are absolutely against this, you can use hot water. 
  • The Irish cream icing is everything. It contains chopped dark chocolate and powdered sugar along with warm Irish cream liqueur and it is silky smooth and rich. It doesn’t need to cover the entire cake. Just the top and let it drip down!

dark chocolate bundt cake with irish cream glaze

This Irish cream icing is my new favorite thing.

I alternate between calling it a glaze and an icing. It does glaze down the cake, but it uses actual chocolate, which firms up as it cools. So then it is more like an icing. It is so wonderful and loaded with Irish cream flavor. If that’s not your thing, you could probably also try a coffee liqueur or even a white chocolate liqueur like Godiva. 

dark chocolate bundt cake with irish cream glaze

I have a few chocolate cakes for this time of year – ones you can make to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day! This salted chocolate stout cake is incredible. My whiskey chocolate cake is easier and delicious too. But this one seems even simpler and is a recipe that everyone is loving.  (more…)

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