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Duo and Plastix launch shrink film from fishing gear waste for F&B market

#Duo and Plastix launch shrink film from fishing gear waste for F&B market

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(All image credits: Duo).

16 Nov 2023 — Duo has partnered with Danish plastic recycler Plastix to launch a shrink film branded Oceanix for the FMCG market. The film consists of high-density PE from Plastix — a recycled plastic from fishing gear waste. 

Duo will manufacture shrink film for F&B outer packaging using Oceanix recycled plastics from 98% maritime waste, such as fishing nets and ropes. Duo was introduced to Plastix via a mutual supply partner. Through its business model, Plastix takes the issue of waste fishing gear and creates a sustainable recycled solution that benefits the environment and reduces the need for virgin plastic, Zoe Brimelow, brand director at Duo, tells Packaging Insights

“The high-quality green recycled pellet, Oceanix, underwent an independent life cycle assessment (LCA) to ensure its environmental messaging is backed by solid science and facts. This coupled with Plastix’s sustainable approach to minimizing waste, made the partnership an easy choice.” 

Hans Axel Kristensen, CEO at Plastix, adds: “Our independent LCA study on Oceanix not only shows world-class CO2 reductions but at the same time highlights that it is 11 times more climate efficient on freshwater use, five times more on ocean acidification and 43 times more on fossil resource use, compared to virgin plastics.” 

Fishing ropes. Duo and Plastix upcycle fishing gear waste, one of the deadliest forms of marine waste for animals. Reducing fishing gear pollution 
Fishing gear is one of the deadliest forms of marine waste, threatening 66% of marine animals and 50% of seabirds, warns Duo. The Plastix technology enables the maritime industry to minimize waste fishing gear pollution. Oceanix has undergone an LCA and is confirmed to provide up to 94% CO2 emission savings compared to virgin plastics. 

“It is our mission here at Plastix to reduce maritime plastic pollution and offer the most sustainable green plastics as an immediate solution to the world’s climate emergency,” asserts Kristensen.

“Duo demonstrates a shared motivation and drive to make the plastics economy circular to help solve the climate crisis. We’re delighted to partner with them as they step into new packaging territory with exciting products in shrink film,” says Kristensen.

Duo’s brand director says brand owners are interested in replacing virgin plastic shrink films with recycled plastic alternatives.

“We already had the technical machinery in place to begin producing our new shrink films using Oceanix, so no additional adaptation to the business was required. Couple this with our expert knowledge of plastic packaging and we believe that creates a solid foundation for growth across the FMCG sector,” concludes Brimelow.

By Natalie Schwertheim

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