Environmental Disasters in Medieval France
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February 21, 2022

Environmental Disasters in Medieval France

How did medieval people deal with natural disasters? In this episode, Lucie speaks with Brian Forman, whose research focuses on responses to environmental disasters in three late medieval communities of medieval France. As we find out in the podcast, late medieval municipalities implemented a wide array of strategies to mitigate and prevent climatic catastrophes, sometimes religious, and at other times practical.

Brian Forman, who received his PhD in history in June 2021 from Northwestern University, where he did his dissertation on Los Grans Mals: Disasters and Civic Life in the Late Medieval Midi. Click here to view his university webpage.

Brian recommends the following works:

Abigail Agresta, “From Purification to Protection: Plague Response in Late Medieval Valencia,” in Speculum, Vol. 95:2 (2020)

François Otchakovsky-Laurens, La vie politique à Marseille sous la domination angevine (1348-1385)

Steven A Epstein, The Medieval Discovery of Nature

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Top Image: Bibliothèque nationale de France MS Français 985 fol.14r

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