Episode 316: ESG ratings, EV charging, circularity chat
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May 13, 2022

Episode 316: ESG ratings, EV charging, circularity chat

This week’s run time is 1:02:27.

Funding underrepresented climate tech startups (27:00)

Dimitry Gershenson, CEO and co-founder of Enduring Planet, discusses a new form of debt financing for entrepreneurs that don’t have the connections or collateral to play in the VC world.

Considering circularity (40:30)

James Murray, editor-in-chief of BusinessGreen, offers perspective on the U.K. and European pilots and programs to embrace circular economy processes — from embracing eco-design and repairability standards to mandating producer responsibility to championing reusable packaging to improving recycling rates. But legacy business models and consumption habits continue to stymie progress.

NYC needs EV charging (51:20)

Why is electric vehicle adoption so low in New York City? For starters, there are very few public charging spots — which are often blocked by gasoline-powered vehicles. Frank Reig, co-founder and CEO of urban mobility company Revel, talks about about overcoming that infrastructure challenge in these highlights from our recent interview.

*Music in this episode by ….. Lee Rosevere: “Don’t Trust the Cloud,” “I’m Going for a Coffee” and “Quizitive”; Mr. Smith: “Hold the Ace.”


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May 13, 2022 at 03:39PM

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