Episode 321: Hear from execs from Microsoft, Suzano, plus more 30 Under 30
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June 24, 2022

Episode 321: Hear from execs from Microsoft, Suzano, plus more 30 Under 30

This week’s run time is 1:04:00.

Microsoft’s foray into sustainability software (25:15)

Earlier this year, former Shell new energies executive Elisabeth Brinton joined Microsoft as corporate vice president of sustainability, leading a new team focused on industry solutions related to sustainability. Her responsibility centers on helping deliver software that helps Microsoft’s customers deliver against their own climate pledges and commitments. She joins us here on GreenBiz 350 to talk more about her role and vision.

Meet more of the GreenBiz 30 Under 30 (40:00)

Last week, GreenBiz published its seventh annual 30 Under 30 report, honoring rising young professionals in the field of sustainability. We feature audio highlights from interviews with five more of this year’s honorees. For more, consult last week’s episode.

  • Eva Grundon, environmental sustainability coordinator, Primark
  • Miles Braxton, co-founder, director of Black Oak Collective; Incoming Director, Risk Management, Summit Ridge Energy
  • Ashley Fill, director, sustainability and whitespace; Procter and Gamble Home Care Canada
  • Jacob Gisler, senior program manager of compliance, Whole Foods Market
  • Shaandiin Cedar, associate, Powerhouse Ventures
Suzano’s strategy for social engagement (48:50)

Cristina Gil White, chief sustainability officer of pulp and paper company Suzano, on building relationships with the communities where its plantations are and how the company prioritizes biodiversity. “If you produce in harmony with nature, you will have very loyal clients,” she observes.

*Music in this episode: Lee Rosevere: ”Quirky Small Town Characters,” “Where Was I,” “Try Anything Once” and “Southside.”


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June 24, 2022 at 03:27PM

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