Falafel Burgers with Tzatziki Slaw.
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May 9, 2022

Falafel Burgers with Tzatziki Slaw.

We love these falafel burgers! Crispy, chewy falafel burgers on a toasted english muffin bun with a tzatziki slaw and pickled onions. This meal is absolute perfection!

Now this is my kind of burger. 

falafel burgers with tzatziki slaw

A loaded falafel burger on a toasted english muffin with crisp tzatziki slaw? Sign me up.

I could eat this every single day and be thrilled! 

falafel mixture

Truly, this burger is heavenly. 

falafel mixture in food processor

I’ve made chickpea burgers before, along with baked falafel and even green goddess falafel. It’s one of my favorite things! The serious texture of falafel is unmatched – so many delicious flavors and incredible tastes. I love how herby they are, how every bite has a bit of crunch in there. 

falafel burgers ready to cook

And let’s talk about the bun. I love a burger on an english muffin. I’ve done this before and it’s such a lovely twist – the english muffin is so toasty with all the nooks and crannies. I love how it complements any burger, but especially this crispy falafel. 

I love how versatile these are. You can make regular burgers or sliders. You can also just serve them alone with the slaw on top – even that is such a delicious way to enjoy them!

falafel burgers with tzatziki slaw

To make the falafel burgers, I soak the chickpeas overnight. This is key! It does require some prep ahead of time for that reason. But I promise it is worth it. I adapted the recipe from my crunchy chickpea burgers and these turned out perfect.

Then everything goes into the food processor. A bunch of parsley, onion, cilantro, basil and chives. Some garlic and cumin, lemon zest and smoked paprika.

See? I told you all of my favorite things! So many fresh herbs, all the best flavors.


I pulse that together until it can be formed into burger patties. Don’t blend it up completely – just pulse so everything is in small crumbs! You can bring the patties together with your hands.

Then I do a pan-fry until they are golden and crisp and crunchy on the outsides.


These cannot be beat. Perfect falafel with a little zing and lemony brightness. 

falafel burgers with tzatziki slaw

Oh and let’s chat about the topping! Tzatziki slaw may be a new staple around here.

To make the tzatziki slaw, I thinly slice a bunch of cabbage. I make a quick tzatziki with yogurt and grated cucumber and combine it all. Nothing ground breaking, but I haven’t done this until recently and I’m wondering why.

This may be my new favorite way to eat tzatziki!?

It’s such a great way to make a quick slaw that has tons of flavor for the top of the burger! (more…)

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