Frozen Gin & Tonics.
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June 2, 2022

Frozen Gin & Tonics.

This frozen gin and tonic is incredibly refreshing and light for a hot summer day. Tonic water ice cubes, your favorite gin and a bit of lime zest make for the perfect frosty beverage.

Here’s how to become the most popular this summer!

frozen gin and tonics

Make a frosty, refreshing drink that everyone adores.

Frozen gin and tonics! Gin and tonic slushies. Cooling, refreshing, limey, and the best thing to drink on a super hot summer day. 

tonic ice cubes with lime zest

I can’t get enough of these! 

My drinks of choice are usually on the rocks – rarely ever frozen. But the past few years, I’ve really enjoyed making some frozen drinks at home. Like frozen watermelon mojitos (omg they are SO good), lemonade frosé and more. I used to share cocktails every Thursday, so there’s a plethora of them right here for you! I’ll do a summer cocktail round up on my faves soon too – as well as mocktails. I’ve got lots of them since I was pregnant for lots of warm weather seasons. 

pouring gin in the blender

Anyway! Frozen gin and tonics. They are deeeelish. Not too sweet and an ideal way to cool down when these temps go insane. One caveat: you must enjoy gin and tonics to enjoy these. If they are too potent for you, this may not be your drink. This truly tastes like a legit gin and tonic… just frozen.

And this could not be easier. 

The only thing you have to do is freeze your ice cubes ahead of time. Personally, I would just go and freeze some rightthisminute so you have them at all times and can make this drink! Problem solved. 

frozen gin and tonics in a blender

This is what you need to make the frozen gin and tonic:

  • 1 liter of tonic water. This may not be popular, but I don’t use fancy tonic for this. I love a good Fever Tree tonic but I hate to use it to freeze and blend. I prefer to drink it as is for the most delicious effect. So when I make the ice cubes, I just get a very basil liter of tonic! I like to freeze them overnight. They have to be totally frozen because this is what makes the drink frosty. We’re not adding any other ice.
  • Your favorite gin. I have some notes in the recipe down below about varieties I’ve made with this recipe. Depending on the kind of gin you use, the recipe may take a little tweaking. It all depends on the botanicals in the gin and which way the flavor leans. I prefer a gin that goes best with lime or cucumber. 
  • Fresh lime zest! I don’t add the juice – just the zest. This gives the most wonderful lime punch to the drink. You can always squeeze in a bit of juice if you wish, but I love it without. It tastes very authentic, cooling and refreshing. It’s super good. Use the lime for garnish!

frozen gin and tonics

That is it – see? So darn simple, as long as you remember to freeze that tonic. Oh and here’s a little trick: freeze the tonic cubes, then pop them out and stick in a ziplock bag in the freezer. You can have them on hand at all times.  (more…)

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