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Ginger Lime Chicken and Rice Soup.

#Ginger Lime Chicken and Rice Soup.

This ginger lime chicken soup is a bright and citrusy way to make dinner delicious! Served over cilantro lime rice, this is a cozy bowl that warms you right up.

Chicken soup season is in full effect. 

ginger lime chicken soup with cilantro rice

This ginger lime chicken soup is cozy, comforting, bright and citrusy with a ginger zing. It’s served over cilantro lime rice to make a perfectly satisfying bowl. One that tastes delicious, fills you up and can work for dinner or lunch. 

After all, leftovers are the best part! 

ginger lime chicken soup with cilantro rice

I also love to make a chicken soup that feels like it can bust through any cold during this crazy fall season. Our house has been sick off and on for the last few weeks and making a citrusy soup is comforting and soul warming. 

Takes some of the worst out of those colds! 

ginger lime chicken soup with cilantro rice

Also, we have to note that this is an excellent recipe to use for leftover turkey! Replace the chicken with turkey and you have a delightful soup that can last through the weekend and keep you full. 

And! Since it doesn’t have noodles in it, you don’t have to worry about them soaking up all the broth. Making this a truly ideal leftover soup. 

ginger lime chicken soup with cilantro rice

Here’s how I make it!

This soup is incredibly easy. At the same time, it’s loaded with flavor. Thanks to the garlic and ginger powerhouse, the broth is rich and tangy and has a lovely bite to it. 

The base is made with onions, garlic and fresh ginger – like, a lot of it. I like to use at least three or four tablespoons of fresh minced ginger. This can change based on your preferences. Add a little more or less.

I like to use a good quality chicken stock or even a chicken bone broth too. Something that has an excellent depth of flavor to it. 

ginger lime chicken soup with cilantro rice

The chicken can be shredded for a rotisserie chicken or it can be leftover chicken from your dinner the night before. I use at least a cup of chicken, maybe two. Again, this just depends on your own preferences! Don’t be afraid to add a little something more or less based on what you and your family love. 

While the soup is cooking, I make a batch of cilantro lime rice. I LOVE serving the soup over this. It makes it feel super hearty and the flavored rice tastes fancy and special. It gives it a little something extra than just regular old white or brown rice. 

ginger lime chicken soup with cilantro rice

I store these separately and I serve them separately! I like to allow everyone to take a scoop of rice for their bowl. Then, ladle the chicken soup over the rice. 

Finally, the toppings. Some extra cilantro. Another spritz of lime. 

It’s the best!  (more…)

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