Granola Scones.
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April 8, 2022

Granola Scones.

Granola scones are a cross between a scone and a breakfast cookie. They are super hearty, satisfying, delicious and filled with dried fruits, nuts, coconut, oats and seeds. Perfect make ahead breakfast!

Meet my newest obsession: the granola scone!

granola scones

I’d go as far to say that these scones are part scone, part breakfast cookie. They are chewy and crunchy and a bit crumbly but extremely satisfying and hearty and perfect for a make ahead breakfast. Absolutely one of my favorite things at the moment – incredible delicious and so filling. Lovely for breakfast! Ideal for a snack!

Okay, I think you’re getting it.

dried ingredients for granola scones


I am actually mad that I didn’t know these existed. That I didn’t know that these could be a thing.

granola scone ingredients with cream

One thing that is forever on my to-do list is to plan and make a great breakfast for the week. Not something for everyday per se, but something that we could grab two or three days a week. A breakfast (or snack!) that stays fresh, tastes amazing, is filling and doesn’t leave us hungry 30 minutes later. Something that is really satisfying and gives us good brain power for the day ahead.

I do this with overnight oats and chia pudding, of course. But sometimes, we need something even faster. Something portable, if you will.

granola scones dough

I am so pumped to say that I’ve found it. These granola scones are becoming a major staple in our house. They are chewy, delicious, customizable and versatile. 

Seriously it does not get better than that. 

granola scones dough

The mix-ins are some of my favorite things. We have dried tart cherries, almonds, flaked coconut, pepitas, orange zest and dates to name a few. You could add in whatever else you love, swap out what you don’t. Change the nuts or the fruit, add in chocolate chips – whatever you’d like! As long as you keep roughly the same measurements the outcome will be incredibly chewy granola scones.

granola scone dough

The scones are not super sweet either. There is a tablespoon of brown sugar in the dough and all other sweetness comes from dried fruit. While I do like a sweet breakfast on occasion, this is the perfect version of sweet for me. Just a slight hint of sweetness, lots of crunch and perfect with coffee. 

These stay wonderfully fresh. Like, surprisingly fresh! They are not dry at all because, honestly, they aren’t really scone-like. There is very minimal flour in there – in fact you may feel like it is too little flour when you’re working with the dough. But trust me, it will work.

granola scone dough

The only thing you need to know about the scones: they may be tricky to hold together right before baking. 

Think about granola. It’s crumbly and chewy and chunky and clumpy. It’s loose in places and stuck together in others. All of those ingredients are in these scones, so the scone dough can be a bit finicky. Each batch may differ, especially if you’re chopping up your own dried fruit and nuts and the chunks of these things are in different sizes each time.

granola scone dough with coarse sugar

It’s no big deal because you can still get the dough to come together. It may require a drop more cream and using your hands to form things, but that’s part of the fun. Once they are formed and on the baking sheet, magic happens in the oven! (more…)

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