Grilled Chicken Summer Rice Bowls.
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June 27, 2022

Grilled Chicken Summer Rice Bowls.

We love these grilled chicken rice bowls! The chicken is juicy and flavorful, marinaed in cilantro lime dressing. The bowl is filled with corn, tomatoes, avocado and pickled onions. Super easy and leftovers are great!

Nothing beats a good summer bowl.

grilled chicken summer rice bowls

My grilled chicken rice bowls are what I make on Sundays or Mondays when I have NO idea what else to make. Marinated grilled chicken, jasmine rice, cilantro lime vinaigrette, juicy tomatoes, corn, pickled onions and avocado. Leftovers are incredible and the elements come together fast – especially if you have a few minutes to chop everything before.

These are a must-make! 

grilled chicken

I have shared so many incredible vinaigrettes with you guys over the years, but I’m often highlighting my absolute favorite ones. Since the recipes for the dressings often make more than you need, I always want to give you another option. Of course – leftovers are always a win. 

But if I make a vinaigrette at the start of the week, I love having two different meals to use with it. It offers so much variety and really elevates my menu for the week, even if the menu is SIMPLE. 

My goal is to highlight how versatile these vinaigrettes can be – whether they are used as marinade, a drizzle, a dressing or a dip!

cilantro lime dressing

That’s what these chicken bowls are all about!

For this recipe, I marinate the chicken in my cilantro lime marinade. It’s one of my favorites – if not my #1. If cilantro lime is NOT your favorite, I have a few other suggestions that work just as well.

You can marinate the chicken in this basil vinaigrette. This raspberry chipotle vinaigrette is also another option. This classic balsamic is a great one to use, and very picky-palate friendly. And finally, a classic apple cider vinegar can’t be beat. That one reminds me of a “house italian” dressing at restaurants, which, yes – are always slightly different but tend to have the same flavor profile. 

The point is, almost any dressing will work. I even love to marinate my chicken in creamy dressings like ranch or blue cheese.

grilled chicken summer rice bowls

My choice for this bowl is usually the cilantro lime vinaigrette. It’s what I’m using here. I love how vibrantly green it is – it makes everything taste so incredibly fresh. And it looks super pretty too!

grilled chicken summer rice bowls

For the bowl itself, I like to cook jasmine rice. It’s so beautifully fragrant and our family’s favorite rice. Then I go to town with toppings!

My usual go-tos are: 

Tomatoes – cherry or diced or whatever you have on hand.

Avocado – it’s so creamy and adds a satisfying element.

Corn – sometimes grilled or even cut straight from the cob! Sweet and crunchy.

Pickled onions – because they are always in my fridge.

Extra dressing – to make the whole bowl pop. 

grilled chicken summer rice bowls

I LOVE the combination here. The hot, grilled chicken. The citrusy, herby vinaigrette. The jasmine rice which is light and chewy. Creamy avocado, crunchy corn, fresh tomatoes and those pickled onions with a tangy bite.  (more…)

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