Grilled Salmon Club Sandwich with Charred Scallion Mayo.
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June 15, 2022

Grilled Salmon Club Sandwich with Charred Scallion Mayo.

This grilled salmon club sandwich is perfect for summer! Topped with juicy tomatoes, crunchy bacon, lettuce and the most delicious charred scallion mayo – it is a hit all around.

I have such a crave-worthy meal for you today!

salmon club sandwich with charred scallion mayo

I am always looking for new and exciting ways to enjoy salmon and this sandwich hits the spot. It’s crunchy, flavorful, super satisfying and everyone in our house really loves it. The mayo is fabulous, the salmon is buttery and flakey, the summer tomatoes are ripe and juicy and the bacon is so crunchy and savory.

Basically the best sandwich of life. 

blackened grilled salmon

If you’re looking for a way to switch up your salmon game, I cannot recommend this enough. 

charred scallion mayo

And – If you’ve been here for a while, you may remember when I made salmon BLT sliders years ago. Like a decade ago! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. That is a combo that I love to throw together, especially if we have leftover salmon from dinner one night. Instead of reheating it and eating it the same way – we do a lunchtime slider and change it up.

grilled sourdough bread

For this salmon sandwich, I love to do my blackened seasoning. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I use this on chicken and salmon constantly. It is incredible and so easy to make – but makes a huge difference. We all love it here, and sometimes I’ll leave out the crushed red pepper just to make sure the kids don’t get any spicy bits. 

I also love to grill this salmon – and I like to grill the bread too. There are few things in this season better than grilled sourdough. It is a Sunday staple for us – whether I do it for dinner or even breakfast toast. So while the salmon is on the grill, I also throw the bread on. Super simple!

If the salmon has skin, I grill it skin-side down with the lid closed. I do not flip it. If the salmon does not have skin, I use a grill pan and spray it with a nonstick spray. I usually don’t flip it here either, unless I’m working with thinly sliced salmon filets and it’s easy to do. This method has been foolproof for me for years. 

The salmon ends up with that charred and smoky flavor, but is still very buttery and soft. 

salmon club sandwich with charred scallion mayo

I know that a club sandwich technically has layered bread, but since the salmon is thicker, I find that no extra bread is needed. I stick with the classics of tomato, lettuce and bacon – along with a fancy mayo to keep things exciting. 

sourdough with scallion mayo

Oh my word. 

This mayo might just be the best part. I love charred scallion anything, but whipping it into this mayonnaise – WOW. It’s so simple but packs such a flavor punch. 

While the salmon and bread are on the grill, I throw the scallions on too. They only take a minute! Once they cool, I slice them and then stir into mayonnaise. You can also do this with softened cream cheese too for bagels. It is SUPER good.

salmon club sandwich with charred scallion mayo

The whole sandwich is so crunchy and wonderful. I am not a huge sandwich person, but this makes me a sandwich person. I love how tender and buttery the salmon is inside the sandwich. It is perfect against the crisp bacon. (more…)

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