Grilled Street Corn Grilled Cheese.
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July 20, 2022

Grilled Street Corn Grilled Cheese.

This street corn grilled cheese is the sandwich of the summer! Charred corn with melty cheddar on toasted bread with cilantro lime butter, chili lime seasoning and a sprinkle of cotija cheese. It’s fantastic.

Street corn grilled cheese just may be my new favorite thing for all of summer.

street corn grilled cheese

This is for everyone who loves every version of grilled mexican street corn!

This little grilled cheese doesn’t look like much but I can’t even explain how much it is bursting with flavor. We have sweet corn, melty cheddar, crumbly cotija and salty chili lime seasoning with a kick. Every bite is something special and it’s more delicious than I can even explain!

street corn grilled cheese

I love a classic elote recipe and while I’ve never made one that is traditional and authentic, it’s an item on the menu that Eddie and I can’t resist. The flavors are so delicious and crunchy and wonderful.

street corn grilled cheese

So I’ve wanted to make a version of summer corn grilled cheese for years now and this one came at the perfect moment.

These flavors together create absolute magic, with the sandwich tasting about a thousand times better than I expected. With the combination of the outside spread, the cheese, the crunchy corn and the toppings, this takes a traditional grilled cheese over the top and makes everything feel extra fancy and special.

street corn grilled cheese

There is a ton of texture, so much crunch, so much cheese! 

As if I need to explain how much I adore grilled cheese. 

street corn grilled cheese

Okay, this is how it comes together! 

I grill the corn first and slice it off the cob. You can do this however you wish – use leftover corn, don’t grill it at all, whatever is easiest. The key is to have good, crisp fresh corn here – that is what makes it great. Of course, if you’re making this in the off season, manage with what you can find.

We start with a cilantro lime butter. Oooooh yes. Fresh cilantro and lime and salt in a softened butter. That’s going to be the spread on the outsides of the bread! You can also use mayo in this situation if you want to keep that element in the recipe. 

street corn grilled cheese

The inside of the grilled cheese consists of the corn, some grated cheddar cheese and thinly sliced scallions. Lots of flavor here, the corn stays relatively crisp and if you use sharp cheddar… it’s perfect. 

After cooking the grilled cheese in a pan, out come the toppings. I like to sprinkle on cotija cheese, some chili lime seasoning (I love tajin) and fresh cilantro. You could also do a tiny mayo drizzle if you wish.  (more…)

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