Grilled Summer BBQ Chicken Pizza.
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August 8, 2022

Grilled Summer BBQ Chicken Pizza.

This is our favorite BBQ chicken pizza – it’s a slice of heaven! Made entirely on the grill, this has summer crisp corn, BBQ sauce, ranch dressing and tons of herbs. Finish it with some pickled onions. Delicious!

Everything I want on a pizza is right here… OH MY GOODNESS.

grilled summer BBQ chicken pizza

Look at this pile of flavor right here. Puffy, charred dough loaded up with all the things.

grilled summer BBQ chicken pizza

This summer grilled pizza is stacked. We’re talking smoky, charred chicken in BBQ sauce. Corn off the cob. Crisp green onions and chives. Lots of cheese – cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan! Fresh chives, pickled onions and all the herbs. And of course, my favorite ranch dressing for drizzling all over. 

It seriously does not get better than this. 

grilled summer BBQ chicken pizza right off the grill

This pizza is one of those meals that just tastes like summer.

We’re grilling the entire thing, so it’s charred and smoky and wonderful. You can always use an ooni pizza oven too if you have that – we love ours. But sometimes, throwing everything right on the grill while it’s still hot from the chicken is the way to go. It’s easy, it keeps the house cool and it tastes like heaven. 

grilled summer BBQ chicken pizza

So I have made a million different versions of BBQ chicken pizza before.

We’ve done whole wheat ones, french bread pizzas, everything. There are a few musts for me when it comes to creating the whole BBQ chicken flavor that I love. First, the charred smokiness from the grill. Obviously. Next, I love to do sharp cheddar. Also, a really good BBQ sauce, even a homemade one like this chipotle version. Green onions, chives, fresh herbs are also all key here for it to taste incredible. 

grilled summer BBQ chicken pizza

The corn here is what makes the pizza really special. It adds a bit of sweetness so we have the whole sweet and savory flavor going on here. It also adds a crisp little crunch from the kernels. You can throw the corn on fresh – like literally slice it off the cob and add it on the pizza – or you can grill it while you grill the chicken and cut it off the cob.

Whichever you prefer. Either way, it adds so much to this perfect pie.

grilled summer BBQ chicken pizza

And, you know,  I usually love to do caramelized onions with anything BBQ chicken-flavored, but I didn’t want to turn on my gas burner for an hour. Heat wave problems.

So we kept it fresh and light with my quick pickled onions which you can make ahead of time. I have them in my fridge at all times. They are delicious on everything: salads, tacos, bowls, sandwiches and of course pizza.  (more…)

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