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Gruyere Herb Slab Biscuits.

#Gruyere Herb Slab Biscuits.

Slab biscuits are so easy and delicious! Buttery biscuit dough is pressed into a pan and baked until golden and flakey and puffer. These stay fresh longer than traditional biscuits and are a great holiday side dish!

A buttery, flaky biscuit is making a grand entrance today.

slab biscuits

These slab biscuits are cheesy and filled with fresh herbs, baked in one single dish until golden and puffy with a crunchy top. They are incredibly delicious. 

slab biscuits

Truly. I may never make biscuits another way again!

How on earth has it taken me this long to make slab biscuits? Aka, biscuits thrown in a 9×13 inch baking dish and baked, then sliced. Not sliced, then baked.

So easy! So buttery and flakey. And tall! 

slab biscuits

I’m coming at you today with another recipe in our Thanksgiving series. I’ve shared so many varieties of biscuits over the years. Traditional, savory, sweet, everything. And I find them incredibly easy to make, so I even make them often.

Eddie loves biscuits. Like, truly loves them. 

However, it wasn’t until recently that I did this. I made the bon appetit cheesy spinach biscuits and fell completely head over heels. 

slab biscuits

To put my own spin on the slab biscuit, I add a lot of freshly grated gruyere cheese and tons of fresh herbs. Rosemary, thyme, sage, parsley. You can add whatever herbs you have and love! But I find that those particular ones tend to go well with the Thanksgiving flavors. 

These biscuits use both buttermilk and sour cream – two of my favorite ingredients in any baked good. The end result is such a flakey, sky-high, flavorful biscuit with a tender crumb. 

And I cannot stress how easy and foolproof they are. Throw them in a dish, bake, slice.


slab biscuits

Here’s one of my favorite things about them. And this is important for Thanksgiving!

These are some of the best biscuits you can make ahead of time.

slab biscuits

I find that to be the issue when it comes to making homemade bread products for Thanksgiving. Yes, I love anything homemade. But there are so many things going on in the oven on that specific day. Bread often takes a backseat. And sure, you can bake some the night before. But anything baked “day of” certainly tastes the freshest. 

But these biscuits!! Oh my gosh. (more…)

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