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Happy Easter, friends!

#Happy Easter, friends!

Good morning and Good Easter Sunday, friends.

I’m taking a bit of a spring break this weekend, out sleeping under the stars in middle Texas. I’ve made this sturdy carrot salad, a loaf of bread, and chicken soup (that truly no one asked for because who eats chicken soup while they’re camping!?) for the weekend.  I’m full of ideas. Not all of them are great.

All week I’ve found myself reaching out to run my fingertips across newest, greenest spring leaves as I pass under on my neighborhood walks.  I figure it’s appropriate to get out of town and put my feet in a lake, so off we go!  There’s such a tenderness to this time of year.  Let’s soak it in, today especially.

Oh my gosh, also (!)  a total eclipse is coming. Just a casual reminder that we currently hurdling through space. It’s wild. It’s fine; there’s soup.

I hope you spend the day going nice and easy.  I’m also hopeful there’s with a family meal, specifically with a big salad and scalloped potatoes, that will garner leftovers into the week.

Tomorrow is April?  We’re doing great.

My love to you!

xo Joy

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