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Honey Mustard Chicken Bowls with Asparagus.

#Honey Mustard Chicken Bowls with Asparagus.

Honey mustard chicken bowls are ridiculously delicious. Served with roasted asparagus and jasmine rice, these are super easy to make, super satisfying and make for a great meal-prep dish. 

A good weeknight dinner is just what we need!

honey mustard chicken bowls

This honey mustard chicken is tender and golden, tossed in a honey mustard glaze and served with roasted asparagus and jasmine rice. It’s so satisfying and comes together in 30 minutes!

I live for a meal like that. 

honey mustard chicken bowls

You know… I could dip just about anything in honey mustard and be thrilled with life. 

honey mustard chicken bowls

I have a grilled honey mustard chicken recipe which we ADORE. It is such a great chicken recipe and I often find myself making that once a week in the summer months. The chicken is incredibly flavorful and tangy and works on many different dishes. 

While this dish has a similar flavor profile, the preparation is completely different. 

honey mustard chicken bowls

I use my go-to garlic butter salmon recipe for the inspiration here. Instead of making a simple honey garlic mixture to cook the chicken in, I throw in some dijon. This makes for the best sticky sauce! It’s ridiculously flavorful and so delicious. 

honey mustard chicken bowls

Here’s how the whole bowl comes together!

First, I chop up some chicken and season it. I throw it in a cast iron skillet and sear it until it’s golden and charred in some places. 

While that happens, the asparagus goes into the oven to roast. EASY. I usually use olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Maybe a shower of parmesan. Simple, delish flavors really work here. 

honey mustard chicken bowls

Once the chicken is browned, I whisk together honey, dijon mustard and water.

YES! That is it. Sounds like a weird combo but when it’s poured in a hot skillet, a fantastic glaze develops. 

The chicken cooks in the sauce for a few minutes. Then I serve everything together!

I like this with jasmine rice. Extra sauce spooned over the rice is just divine.  (more…)

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