Hot Crab Dip with Old Bay Crostini.
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July 11, 2022

Hot Crab Dip with Old Bay Crostini.

This hot crab dip is super cheesy, flavorful, comforting and perfect for happy hour. Serve with old bay crostini for the perfect spiced crunch!

Summertime and the app is crab dip!

hot crab dip with old bay crostini

This hot and cheesy crab dip with fresh lemon and herbs is bright, comforting, flavorful and tastes like SUMMER.

It’s the ultimate summer snack and I adore it. Give me a chilled glass of white wine and this is my perfect happy hour. 

crab dip ingredients

A few years ago I started making this lobster dip and the funny thing is that the idea really came from a crab dip. My mom used to make a hot crab dip and then I started making my own version. And while I never shared it, I made it with lobster for you after discovering the decadence one new year’s eve.

The lobster version is wonderful, the crab is just as good. Depends on what you love, what you have access to and what you can find at the grocery store! 

old bay crostini

I love to use the good lump crab for this dip. You can most likely find it near your seafood counter in the grocery store – it often comes in 8 or 16 ounce jars and will say lump crab meat. 

P.S. you could totally use half for this dip and then half for a batch of crab mac and cheese. Hello summer snacks.

bowl of crab, herbs, scallions, cheese, lemon zest, garlic

I also love the dip to have lots of fresh lemon zest. It brings a wonderful brightness to the dish that basically screams sunshine. And fresh herbs too. I will use almost any – chives, basil, parsley and thyme are probably my top picks here.

hot crab dip with old bay crostini

This is what you need to make the hot crab dip!

A good lump crabmeat. 

Cream cheese for the base.

A mix of sour cream and mayonnaise. 

Lots of garlic.

Fresh lemon zest for the ultimate citrus zing.

Fresh herbs, like parsley and chives.

Super thinly sliced scallions. They’re so good in here.

A mix of cheddar and gruyere cheese. OMG.

A drop of dijon, a sprinkle of dill and a hint of chili flakes.

hot crab dip with old bay crostini


Seriously it tastes like a delicious app you’d get at a restaurant on the beach. It’s rich and decadent so a little bit goes a long way. Perfect for a party or a crowd, or just for a nice happy hour or small dinner party at home. Everyone LOVES it. You can head to instagram today to see me make it.

Oh and don’t forget the old bay crostini!

This is nothing groundbreaking. It’s a baguette, sliced and spread with butter and then sprinkled with old bay. Baked until golden and toasty and warm and crunchy. Ideal for dunking in a hot and cheesy dip. (more…)

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