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Hot Honey Feta Fries.

#Hot Honey Feta Fries.

These hot honey feta fries are a delicious side dish or snack for a crowd! Crispy, crunchy french fried topped with feta cheese, drizzled with hot honey and showered with bright herbs is the way to go. Delish!

This snack is calling your name!

hot honey feta fries

These hot honey feta fries are so crunchy, crispy and flavorful. French fries are topped with crumbled feta cheese, hot honey and a sprinkling of fresh herbs. This is a side dish that makes everyone go wild! 

hot honey feta fries

This would also be a dream recipe for next weekend. These fries serve a crowd at any super bowl party and they will for sure be a hit. 

hot honey feta fries

Never did I ever think that I’d be the person telling you to doctor up a bag of frozen fries!!


It’s so ridiculously easy. It’s ideal for a crowd, for a party, for a fun afternoon, for the super bowl – all those things. And this is a fabulous way to feed a crowd. Whether it’s a snack or a side dish.

Needless to say, these have to happen in your kitchen!!

hot honey feta fries

I don’t mind frozen fries, but they have to be thin and crispy. That is the key! I don’t want thicker fries that get soggy or soft. Give me all the crunchy, thin fries at home and I promise this is the way to go. This is how you make them so everyone in your life freaks out! 

The best part about this is that these come together SO quickly. In the time that it takes to roast these fries, they are done. Simple. Finished!

hot honey feta fries

All it takes is:

Crumbly feta cheese

A drizzle of hot honey

Lots of fresh herbs

That is IT!! 

I like to roast the fries until they are almost finished. Then, I sprinkle them with feta and put them back in the oven for five to eight minutes. Just until the feta gets slightly melty and creamy. This also helps the feta adhere to the fries so it doesn’t all end up in the bottom of the dish. 

hot honey feta fries

When the feta fries come out, I give them a big drizzle of hot honey. All over! This can be done at your discretion – whether you want a little or a lot – because it does get spicy.  (more…)

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