How Long Does Ceramic Coating Take To Cure? – A Guide

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Take To Cure? – A Guide

When it comes to ceramic coating, the how long ceramic coating takes to cure question is a common one. The protection of a car’s paint job is of the highest priority because of the weight that it holds when it comes to the value of the vehicle. Thanks to ceramic coating, the hassles that are associated with the protection of the car’s value are totally removed from the equation.

Why Ceramic Coating Is So Crucial

Depending on the instance in question, ceramic coating can be used for paintwork, wheels, glass, and plastic trim. These coatings serve as a valuable method for protecting prized investments, but some may be wondering why it is so important. Those who refuse to invest in the ceramic coating are not doing everything in their power to protect the exterior of the vehicle from experiencing premature damages. The resale value of the vehicle is much easier to maintain in these instances.

The slickness of the coating is also a major plus, as it keeps the owner from having to worry about constant maintenance. Dirt, dust, and tar are not able to stick to the paint job as easily, saving the owner from having to spend additional time and effort on care and maintenance. The paint, wheels, and glass are going to be saying a sincere thank you to the owners that take the time to provide them with a ceramic coating.


The gloss and color depth that ceramic coating has to offer is also noteworthy. If the vehicle is properly maintained, it will gleam like it was just driven off the lot for years to come. For anyone who wants a vehicle to continue looking like new, this is a major benefit that cannot be ignored for any reason. The coating is carefully applied for maximum durability and only certified applicators should be entrusted with the job.

That’s where the assistance of the professionals comes into play. At Bob Moses Ceramic Coating, their team of skilled technicians will provide the high-quality ceramic coating needed. This coating is designed to last for years, removing all of the guesswork from the equation for vehicle owners. The peace of mind that ceramic coating affords the modern-day vehicle owner is hard to ignore.

Tips and Pointers For Proper Maintenance

By taking the time to properly maintain the ceramic coating, the lifespan is extended. Of course, there are specific tips and pointers that are designed to enhance this lifespan. By taking the time to follow them, the vehicle owner is able to sidestep any number of short and long-term issues. For example, the vehicle will need to be completely decontaminated at least once a year.

Otherwise, all of the random debris that accumulates as a result of daily driving will start to cause further issues. Experts also recommend using SIO2 sealant as a means of successfully rejuvenating the ceramic coating. The hydrophobic properties are also enhanced, allowing the vehicle to repel water far more easily than before. When the vehicle is unable to repel water, this can cause all sorts of damages that are costly to fix, even for the most experienced owner.

How Long Does The Ceramic Coating Last? What About The Curing Time?

The curing time is going to depend on a few different factors. The humidity and temperature will play a major role, but the process is going to last anywhere from two to three weeks. For the best possible results, there are a few things that need to be avoided. The coating is not bulletproof and hard water spots can become a major problem. How can vehicle owners steer clear of this problem?

Water spots need to be monitored and addressed as soon as they start to rear their ugly heads. During the curing process, the owner should be avoiding certain parking spaces, too. If the tree is shedding, it should be avoided at all costs during the curing process. The paint should not be washed during this time and bird droppings need to be considered as well. If these droppings are allowed to sit on the car or bake in the heat, that will cause problems.

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Remain gentle when working on the paint, as it is very soft. Meanwhile, there are also those who will want to know how long the ceramic coating is going to last. No one wants to make this type of investment without knowing whether they are going to be covered on the back end. If the ceramic coating in question is properly cared for, it should be able to last the vehicle owner at least eight full years.

What Are Some of the Common Pitfalls?

If the clear coat has already undergone photo-oxidation, this could cause problems during the curing process. Direct exposure to sunlight will cause these types of issues and that’s why experts recommend avoiding it. To avoid these problems, be sure to select a strong polyurethane base. Dust, rain, and acid fallout can also cause major damage to the ceramic coating if the owner of the vehicle is not careful.

Even those who do not have a garage will need to find ways to duck the elements. That’s not to say that the owner will need to stand outside and personally shield the vehicle themselves. No garage? No problem. The vehicle in question simply needs to be washed on a consistent basis. However, do not make the mistake of heading to the automated car washes. A hand wash will accomplish the necessary goals far more easily than an automated wash.

An automated wash is filled with all sorts of rags and brushes that are going to scratch the finish and ruin all of the work that is being put in. Touchless car washes may work out a bit better but that does not mean that they should be relied upon regularly. Unless a vehicle owner is totally pressed for time and has no other options available to them, a hand wash is always considered best.

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