How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint While Playing Sports
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July 1, 2022

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint While Playing Sports

We all are aware of the term carbon footprint and why it is important to reduce your carbon footprint in today’s modern world. Every activity that we do does have an impact on the environment directly or indirectly. With the growing concerns of environmental issues and challenges, the need of the hour calls for lucrative and innovative ways of reducing the increased levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Through this article we will understand how sports can reduce carbon footprints. 

How to reduce your carbon footprint while going to a sporting event?

As mentioned earlier the sports industry is not to be Limited to professionals or manufacturing companies. Even as spectators the common man is equally responsible to contribute towards the reduction of carbon footprints at a Sporting event. On an average 52% of spectator footprint can be reduced if every individual follows certain simple rules at the time of a Sporting event or game.

For example, instead of going in different vehicles to the same location people can consider carpooling especially if they are from the same area or city. Communities can have a special team that can deal with such activities during the sport season.

Another way to reduce carbon footprint is by picking up any plastic remains after the event and then sending it to the recycling plant. For this, the community can give this responsibility to a group of people who regularly are a part of community games. 

What do experts have to say?

Researchers and experts reveal that you can reduce your carbon footprint as a sports person by following certain preventive and precautionary measures especially when you are a part of competitive Sports or playing in a professional level. On an average approximately 844 kgs carbon footprint is emitted annually during racket or team sport events during a professional game. This is an alarming number given the fact that we are dealing with various kinds of environmental crisis in this modern age. 

So, how can sports reduce carbon footprints on a professional level or during competitive games?

To understand this the first thing, we need to understand is that sporting gears like footballs, basket balls, tennis rackets are made from materials that can be harmful to the environment. One of the best ways you can reduce your carbon footprint on a professional level is to opt for ecofriendly products or sporting equipment that are available in the market. Manufacturing companies are now adopting the recycle and reuse concept more prominently while catering to the increasing demands of the masses.  Here are some ways on how companies are working towards reducing their carbon footprints while dealing with sporting goods and equipment. 

Offering replacement benefits

Some companies even go ahead and offer various kinds of benefits to major organizations and Sporting associations in exchange for the use and worn-out Sporting gear like sports balls etc. They not only replace the gear but also come up with lucrative ways to use the same material again after following a stringent restoration process. The parts or materials are the sorted out into two main piles, the first being the reusable ones and the second is the non-reusable one.  The reusable parts are resold to small scale manufacturers who come up with innovative crafty ideas like home decor items, jewelry, bags etc.

Teaming up with small-scaled manufacturers

The good part of the material is reused to make sporting equipment like Soccer ball for children while the worn-out parts are recycled and resold to other industries. This process helps to ensure that no part goes to waste and at the same time the environment is cared for in many ways. Only in the worst case situations, the unusable parts are thrown or broken down in such a way so that it does not affect the environment.

Although this concept is still new, however, it is one of the ways of how companies and small-scale manufacturers are working hand in hand towards the importance of carbon footprint reduction. Sometimes even Non-profit organizations and Craft based companies come forward to buy these materials for further use.

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