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February 10, 2022

How Traceability Enables Circularity: Lessons from the Leaders

Date/Time: March 9, 2022 (1-2PM ET / 10-11AM PT)

One key to a circular economy is the ability to track and trace materials, components and finished products throughout their life-cycle, and into their second and subsequent lives. But how to do that? It’s not merely a technology fix, though there are a host of technologies that can help. It also requires a more systemic approach to materials selection, design, production and beyond.

So, how are companies managing? In this one-hour webcast we’ll explore the technologies, tools and tips from companies that are showing the way.

Among the things you’ll learn:

  • The role of transparency and traceability in circular supply chains
  • The current crop of enabling technology solutions
  • The internal processes used by manufacturers and brands
  • Trends to watch in 2022 and beyond


  • Joel Makower, Chairman & Co-founder, GreenBiz Group 


  • Natasha Franck, Founder & CEO, EON
  • Danielle Joseph, Managing Director, Closed Loop Partners

February 10, 2022 at 02:03AM

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