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April 18, 2022

Hummus Quesadillas with Avocado and Tomatoes.

We love these hummus quesadillas! Crispy, golden tortilla shells filled with smooth and creamy hummus. Top with a quick avocado tomato salad and your family will go crazy for them!

Okay so hummus quesadillas are my family’s newest obsession.

This is just about the simplest meal you can find this Monday! Crispy, golden tortillas filled with warm creamy hummus. Flavor of your choice, of course!

Then top it all off with a tomato avocado salad.


This is embarrassingly easy and ridiculously delicious. It’s super simple but so good.

This is how the hummus quesadilla came about….

Most of you know that my cousin Lacy works with me. Her son Cooper has a dairy allergy and she started making him hummus and avocado quesadillas when doing baby led weaning. She told me about this back in the day, but I was pregnant or newly postpartum and have zero brain. I forgot!

Then she mentioned it again when we were talking about feeding babies. So that night, I made Jordan a hummus quesadilla. Um, okay, I actually had to make him two of them because it was so good that I kept stealing bites. And he LOVED it.

And then Emilia wanted a bite.

The whole thing took off from there and I can’t explain how delicious these are.

Here’s the deal.

I don’t need to tell you just exactly how obsessed with cheese we are over here. This is an AMAZING option if you are dairy free, but it’s also just a really good quesadilla! Like, I’m not looking at it as a dairy replacement for us, but just as another meal option that we are really all loving. So fantastic for lunch or a really easy and fast dinner on a busy weeknight. 

The best part is that you can use any hummus! You could even use the chocolate hummus that is out now and make a dessert version. Our current favorite hummus is the Ithaca hummus – it’s incredible. All the flavors are super delicious and it is so creamy. So I love how customizable these quesadillas can be. Use whatever you love!

The one caveat here: I do find that crisping the quesadilla in a pan is the way to go. Back in my middle school days, I was all about a microwaved cheese quesadilla. I’ve made them that way for the kids before too as a quick snack. However, since the hummus is straight up creamy and not necessarily melty, you really do need some texture here. Toasting it in a skillet is the way to go, whether you use an olive oil spray, butter, ghee, coconut oil – whatever you choose.

Oh and obviously – you can also use whichever tortilla you choose! Corn, flour, I really love the almond flour tortillas from siete – anything! They all work.  (more…)

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