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March 29, 2022

Insiders, Outsiders and In Between: The Jews of Medieval Europe

Insiders, Outsiders and In Between: The Jews of Medieval Europe

Lecture by Elisheva Baumgarten

Given at the Catholic Theological Union on March 21, 2022

Abstract: The Jews of medieval Europe were simultaneously insiders and outsiders in medieval culture. During a period in which medieval urban centers thrived and Jews were present in many localities, they were both a theological “other” and familiar neighbors. This talk will focus on Jewish Christian relations and provide examples of the affinities and gaps between declared ideology and theology and everyday practice. The talk will examine instances of business partnerships, neighborly interactions and religious ritual and attempt to provide a complex understanding of the dynamics of daily life.

Elisheva Baumgarten is the Yitzchak Becker Professor of Jewish Studies in the Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry Department and the History Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Click here to view her university webpage.

Top Image: 15th-century miniature of a spread Seder table surrounded by the participants. British Library MS Additional 14762 fol. 6 March 29, 2022 at 10:41PM

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