Jarlsberg Cheese Dip.
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September 9, 2022

Jarlsberg Cheese Dip.

This jarlsberg cheese dip is one of my favorite snacks to make for guests. You can make it ahead of time and serve with crackers, pretzels or chips. It’s creamy, cheesy, delicious and such a crowd pleaser!

I am so excited to share this snack with you!

jarlsberg cheese dip

It is one of my go-to snacks that everybody loves. 

This jarlsberg cheese dip is the perfect game-day or weekend snack. You can make it ahead of time (it gets better as it sits!) and it’s super easy to transport with a bag of crackers, pretzels or chips. 

grated swiss cheese

Remember when I first shared my chilled queso a few weeks ago? And I told you that I had another similar dip to share come football season?

Well, here we are!

This dip is creamy, more mild than the chilled queso, but still creamy and cheesy and all around delicious. 

jarlsberg dip ingredients

Jarlsberg cheese is a swiss cheese that is so soft and buttery and wonderful. It’s amazing on its own but it also melts so nicely. Since the cheese is soft, it works so well in this chilled spread. It’s very much like my pimento cheese too. You grate the cheese (I prefer larger shreds for this) and mix it with everything else, then it hangs out in the fridge. It’s basically a swiss version of said pimento cheese.

After a few hours, this is MAGIC.

making jarlsberg cheese dip

Much like the chilled queso, the jarlsberg dip doesn’t look like much. In fact, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked by the grocery store version of this. Like, so many times in my life. 

But then!

My sister-in-law started buying it from Heinen’s and always having it out as a snack or app and we all just about died. It is so creamy. So cheesy. An incredible spread on crackers or dip for pretzels. Seriously, it is fantastic and I don’t know one person who doesn’t enjoy it. 

Once she started serving it, I realized that my grandma also used to buy this and serve it. It tasted so familiar and nostalgic to me but I couldn’t place it. Then my mom and I realized that we’d had it ages ago. Let’s just say we are thrilled to have it back in our life and making it at home is so easy, simple and tastes fantastic.

up close jarlsberg cheese dip

It’s true: this is very very easy. Embarrassingly easy. Those are the best kind of party appetizers. 

You mix everything together and that’s it. Chill it in the fridge, then serve. This is perfect for tailgating, game-day parties, holidays and just any gathering in general. 

Also, it’s absolutely amazing on a burger (like my pimento cheese burgers) and melts LIKE A DREAM. (more…)

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Jessica September 9, 2022 at 04:09PM

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