Kale and Smoked Cheddar Twice Baked Potatoes.
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March 16, 2022

Kale and Smoked Cheddar Twice Baked Potatoes.

Kale twice baked potatoes are made with sautéed kale, greek yogurt and smoked cheddar for ultimate flavor. Crispy potato skins, melty cheese and kale studded potatoes make for one delicious side dish.

I’ve never found a potato I didn’t love.

kale and smoked cheddar twice baked potatoes

You know I love a good side dish and I’m always on the hunt for a new one. Enter these kale twice baked potatoes. With smoked cheddar! Because we all need a little kale with our cheese.

kale and smoked cheddar twice baked potatoes

This is my Irish offering! A little side dish of sorts that you can make tonight or tomorrow for Saint Patrick’s Day, or let’s be real, just about anything because these potatoes are SO good. 

Good and green! 

I’ve never made colcannon and it doesn’t necessarily appeal to me either. I’m sure if I had it prepared properly, I’d love it. 


What’s crazy is that colcannon is mashed potatoes with cabbage or sometimes kale, and in this recipe I am basically mashing my potatoes with kale. SO perhaps I do enjoy colcannon. 

sautéed kale, smoked cheddar, potatoes, greek yogurt

Here’s my little spin on it. 

For this recipe, I use my greek yogurt twice baked potato recipe. It’s classic and delicious. Very simple too! I skip the bacon for this recipe. The worst part is baking the potatoes and having to find something to do with that hour. The good news is that you can totally do that part ahead of time.

kale and smoked cheddar twice baked potato mixture

Once the potatoes are baked, I slice them and scoop out the potato using a serrated grapefruit spoon. This is my huge secret! Using a spoon like this is so super easy.  

The potatoes go into a bowl with some plain greek yogurt (you could also use sour cream) and milk. I add some sautéed shredded kale and a handful of freshly grated smoked cheddar. Nothing overly fancy, but everything loaded with flavor. Seriously, we’re talking flavor PACKED.

Whip that up, scoop the mixture back into the potato skins and bake until everything is warmed together. The potato skins are crispy and crunchy. The cheese on top is golden and melty. The whole thing is just super delicious. 

kale and smoked cheddar twice baked potatoes before baking

It never fails that we only end up eating twice baked potatoes once a year, usually on Christmas Day. My grandma made the best ones and she always made them for the holidays, then my mom started making them too. We love them, so it seems ridiculously that we don’t eat them more often!

Sure, they may be more of an indulgent meal, but even for sunday dinner?! I need to start making them more frequently. 

kale and smoked cheddar twice baked potatoes

That is why I love this version. They aren’t quite as heavy because I use greek yogurt. They still have that whipped texture, but they are a lot lighter. Of course, I kind of balance that out with the smoked cheddar, but hey. Do what you have to do. (more…)

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