Lavender Blueberry Vodka Soda.
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July 14, 2022

Lavender Blueberry Vodka Soda.

This lavender blueberry vodka soda just screams summer. It’s refreshing, cooling and icy filled with fruity and dessert-like floral flavors. It’s delicious and pretty too!

New summery drink alert!

lavender blueberry vodka soda

This blueberry lavender vodka soda is refreshing, fruity and fragrant with a slight hint of dessert-like floral flavor. Save this recipe below so you can make it this weekend!

blueberry lavender syrup

Every time I make a fun new drink for summer I call THEEEE drink for summer. Like I declare it’s the best drink you can make this summer. And it’s not that I’m wrong, I very much feel that in the moment. 

Which means that again, I’m telling you that this is the drink of the summer. THEEE drink of the summer.

It’s so cooling and icy with classic summer flavors that just work in the heat. I find a vodka soda with lots of lime to be refreshing and this is an elevated version of that. 

pouring blueberry lavender syrup over ice

Flavored vodka sodas are my thing. I’ve done a cucumber vodka soda, a cherry lime vodka soda and a clementine vodka soda! So good.

I have loved the blueberry lavender combo forever. I’ve made blueberry lavender scones, blueberry lavender chia jam, blueberry ricotta cake with lavender glaze and even blueberry mojitos with lavender syrup! Lavender complements blueberry and together you get this lovely combination that screams summer.

pouring blueberry lavender syrup over ice

This blueberry lavender syrup is delightful. I make my lavender vanilla syrup all summer long for iced coffee, and dare I say that you can probably take this and put it in your coffee too. I know some people go for more fruity flavors with coffee so it definitely works. 

The syrup is super easy and you can make it ahead of time and keep it in the fridge. I do equal parts water + sugar then a big handful of blueberries and a pinch of culinary lavender.

Oh and I find my culinary lavender on amazon – it’s the easiest place to get it. I have some at all times because I use it frequently and it lasts a very long time. 

lavender blueberry vodka soda

Once I make the syrup and it cools, I do strain it to remove the lavender and blueberry bits. I don’t want chunks of anything coming up my straw so this is the best way, plus the syrup lasts longer in the fridge this way. 

lavender blueberry vodka soda

The other ingredients?

Just your classic vodka and soda. I use Tito’s and whatever club soda I have on hand. You could use a flavored seltzer water if you have one, but I let the blueberry lavender syrup shine.

lavender blueberry vodka soda

If you want to make these for a party, I suggest making a jar of the “mixer.” So combine the syrup and vodka in a jar and shake or stir, then store it in the fridge. When it comes time to make a new drink, pour over ice and top it off with the soda.

You don’t want to make a big pitcher with the soda because you’ll lose all that effervescence for the drinks.

lavender blueberry vodka soda

These are super fun, pretty, absolutely delicious and perfect for this weekend! (more…)

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